15+ Photoshop fails that will make you laugh, Including Kim’s Fail

We are deep in 2020 now, and many people these days are keen on using Photoshop. For some reason, some people don’t even bother downloading Photoshop, because you can find photo altering applications on the internet. They are not as good as Photoshop, but if used right, they can do the job as well.

It is normal to use Photoshop today. Many magazines use it to alter and add some fine touches to their covers. It seems like the many failures you see are from models that posed for a magazine cover.

Don’t get us wrong, there are people who are highly skilled in the program and can make a photo look real, but on the other hand, some people don’t even bother making the photo look natural. When we find or see bad Photoshop skills, we wonder who was the person who approved the picture to make it to print.  Check these photos out, and in the end, see Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop fail.

1. Banisters are see-through, right?

2. This swimmer must have the biggest wingspan in the world.

3. Necks shouldn’t bend like that.

4. The person who was editing this photo forgot the umbrellas.

5. This little girl can either twist her neck so much, or someone failed at Photoshop.

6. Airplanes shouldn’t fly that low.

7. Learn how a selfie stick works

8. I mean, the faces are just all over the place.

9. The person who edited this photo cut this man’s arm in half.

10. This guy is clearly looking at a different photo. While this is made to look like he is taking a photo of a couple.

11. Two right legs.

12. This girl’s right leg is a foot longer than the other.

13. Who is she holding that card?

14. Does this dog not go to the bathroom?

15. When you can’t add something while you are cooking a meal, add it afterward in Photoshop.

16. It this family in a huge car, or they just have an enormous steering wheel in their living room?

17. An ad for a waffle maker, and you edit in the waffles?

18. Um, excuse me, is this model missing his head?

19. That not where a belly button is supposed to be.

20. It hurts us seeing a neck bent like that.

21. And now Kim Kardashian Photoshop fail. 

When she posted this photo on her social media, fans quickly pointed out that the wall on her right was warped. If she uses Photoshop, she needs to learn it a bit more or hire someone else who can do it properly.