20 Fails That You Will Find Hilarious.

Fails will always happen when you are using your camera. Have you ever taken a selfie with your phone only to see your face frozen in a weird Shrek/Nemo breed? I know I have and it keeps happening to me. 

When you first look at fails you tend to laugh but on a close examination, you can see different things in the picture. Sometimes you will see other people in pain and other times you will see plain dumb orthographic mistakes. It is not quite clear why these fails happen as some people call them to glitch in the ‘matrix’ (if we are really living in a simulation), but the fact is that they are funny as hell.

People can be hilarious when they try to do something the perfect way but they fail miserably at it. And the outcome makes for the perfect photo. 

So without further a due here you have 20 fails that are amongst the best ones you can ever find on the internet. 

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a moron

That would be 10,000 eggs off your paycheck.

Sometimes you just feel like letting the girls loose

Who said ads don’t lie?

Failing while trying to act like a ‘damned’ special human being

That should hold on just fine.

Windows needs a lunch break also

R.I.P. to that poor car

So this is what ‘social distancing’ looks like.

Well they sure keep you comfy though.

Oh really? I though A equaled 25.

It’s not called Gangsta Paradise for nothing

The honesty in this though. He used his away note as a therapy.

Just like mom does it after eating spicy food.

Let’s say that she’s minimally exceptional.

I do that too, but I keep my socks on.

Such rare species.

And that is not even considered trespassing.

Thinking about it, my ex still owes me 1000 diabetes. 

Beware of the invisible dog.

if you enjoyed this article….here are The best perfectly timed photos.

Photography now is the biggest it’s ever been. More and more people nowadays are aspiring to be a photographer. Everyone loves a good photo, but it is even more amazing when some moments are captured by accident.

There are millions of pictures that you can find online, where a specific moment is captured at the right time. We have made a small list of photos that, to us are one of the best at the right place at the right time photos.

1. An angel firefighter

This photo is representing firefighters in the best way. We truly need to see them as angels sent from above.

2. None of the judges are looking

A photo of a gymnast that is doing his routine, and the judges in the background paying no attention.

3. Perfect combination

This woman is walking down the sidewalk, not realizing that she is wearing the perfect outfit to go with the wings that are painted on the wall.

4. Waves

This photo of a wave is super interesting to look at.

5. A beam of light hitting the toilet

It looks like something from a Harry Potter book.

6. Substitute teacher

When the light from the projector hits this teacher's forehead, the word help symbolizes how hard can the job of a substitute teacher can be.

7. Sunset

This photo surely took days, maybe even months to turn out perfect.

8. A hawk with a phone?

This lady wanted to take a photo of a hawk that was on her window, and it turned out like the hawk is taking the photo.

9. Aladdin is that you?

This old man looks like he is hovering from the ground while going down a snow hill.

10. Buff kitty

The perfect moment when this cat looks like she has the perfect six-pack.

11. The tree of life

The way the sunlight hits this tree.

12. Carrying the sun

In this photo, it looks like someone has ordered the sun, and this truck is delivering it.

13. Mom, do I look good?

The mother horse is minding her business, while this little guy tries out how would he look like with brunette hair.

14. Strong bug

This bumblebee looks like she is carrying the sun with her legs.

15. Chief vitamin water

This old gentleman looks like a modern-day chief.

16. Real-life Pegasus?

A picture was taken in the wild, as this deer looks like it has wings.

17. Electric rainbow

This might be the most perfectly timed photo on this list, showcasing the moment when a bolt of lightning stroke in front of a rainbow.

18. An ostrich with hair

This may be photoshopped because there aren’t too many people riding an ostrich.

19. The perfect note

These earphones make the perfect treble clef.

20. Hair or no hair?

This gentleman looks like he has a full set of hair until you see the woman behind him move a little bit to the left.

21. Some love from Tim Duncan

Father and son take a photo in front of the TV, and in the background, it seems like San Antonio legend, Tim Duncan is kissing the son.