A little boy accidentally chokes on two small grapes

Everyone, as a child, tried to put anything that they can get their hands on in their mouths. Young kids have to be watched as much as possible so that they don’t get their hands on small objects because it can harm them. We aren’t talking about just things like toys, but also tiny food. It is a fact that no parents can pay attention to their kids all the time. And in this story, that small gap of not paying attention was devastating for Ayyan Umar’s parents.

Back in 2017, Emma Carver and her 2-year-old son Ayyan, who is from Detroit, headed out to go grocery shopping. They arrived at the store, and while Ayyan was sitting in the cart, his mom took out her list and started searching for the items she needed to buy. They got to the dairy section, and Emma stopped and went to pick out the cheese she needed. While Emma had her back on her son, he secretly was taking out grapes from the cart and putting them in his mouth. It is very common for kids to do things they aren’t supposed to do when their parents aren’t looking at them.

All of a sudden, Emma heard her 2-year-old choking, trying to catch his breath. In a panic, she dropped whatever she was holding, and she rushed to her son to try and help him. That is when she did something that every parent would do, but can make the situation even worse. She started patting her son on the back. As we said, that would be every parent first thought to pat their kid and try to loosen anything that is blocking and keeping them to breathe. Unfortunately, when you start patting someone on the back when they are chocking, it can move the object of food that they are chocking on and move it even deeper in the wrong way.

No one can blame the mom, and you can’t blame the little boy. The mom acted on instinct and was trying to save him. After the incident, she swore to go learn first aid techniques and bring and speak to other mothers of the importance of knowing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.

Everyone that was nearby heard Emma screaming, and all of them rushed to try and help out. One person tied to perform CPR, and others started calling 911, but no one knew the Heimlich maneuver. The ambulance arrived in almost 5 minutes, and when they got there, they were able to remove one grape form the 2-year-old. But everyone knew that it was too late, Ayyan’s face started turning pale, and his lips began going blue. Tragically, Ayyan chocked to death right there in the store.

Ayyan was taken to the hospital, where they removed the second grape from his throat.

It is hard to believe that two tiny grapes can be fatal when eaten. Just one little moment of turning your back to your kid, and they do something typical for young kids, do something they were told not to do.

Mohammad Umar, Ayyan’s father, was in disbelief even days after he had heard what has happened to his little boy. He has said that it all felt like a terrible dream, and he is still waiting for someone to wake him up.

Some statistics taken from the National Children’s Hospital show that not only that, chocking happens way more often than we think. But it is the leading cause of death in children younger than 4 years. The most common thing that little kids choke to death on are coins, small toys, and like in Ayyan’s case, small foods.

It is so common that every 5th day one child dies due to chocking in America. Doctors have always warned parents to be very careful when feeding their small kids with foods such as popcorn, grapes, and nuts.

In the case of Ayyan, his mother isn’t to blame because she didn’t give the grapes to her son, he secretly started taking them from the bag in the cart.

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