A rescue for puppies, this tropical island is a dream for every animal lover who can afford it.

I have been writing recently about people sheltering abused animals in many different ways. From a farmer, building a 40 acres farm for abused or abandoned farm animals, to people sewing blankets or bowties for sheltered dogs. But by far this is one of the cutest and biggest things I have ever seen before in my life of writing articles. A tropical island is dedicated to saving and rescuing puppies. That is a whole another level of commitment if you ask me.

Providenciales in Turks & Caicos is the name of the island and it is a perfect location if you want to experience some dog love. The island has a place called Potcake Place and it is the only shelter for Potcake dogs and other races of dogs as well. They are all so cute and happy. You can adopt puppies for free if you can afford to go to the island. Or if you are not ready for that kind of commitment yet then you can simply take a dog for a walk for free and the dogs love to do that.

This mission is truly divine since it saves dogs from abuse and mistreatment from other people. A lot of the dogs that have come to this place, have a dark past, coming from a crazy owner, but here all these dogs are safe and are at home. Enjoying the tropical air and the tropical beach, these dogs seem happier than ever. Let us know what you think of this truly inspiring story in the comments, with your opinion. And if you are a dog lover you can also share this story with your friends and family also.

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