A woman gets pregnant after trying for 10 years – a couple of days later the doctor says he made a mistake

For more than 10 years, Carolyn and her husband were trying to have a baby, but it was just not meant to be. They decided that IVF was the next step. Fortunately for them, the treatment was a success, and their little baby boy was born. 

After a couple of days in the hospital, Carolyn was able to go back home. Her husband snapped a photo of her holding their baby boy and posted it online. The morning after they woke up and saw that the photo went viral, having thousands of comments and a little over 6000 shares. At first, they didn’t have a clue what was going on, but this photo would change their lives.

Once they started reading all the comments on their photo, things began to make sense. 

For a couple of days, Carolyn and her husband were enjoying their time with their new baby boy Logan at home. The delivery was quite long, so Carolyn needed some rest. When they were still at the hospital, Carolyn’s husband decided to take a bunch of photos of Carolyn holding Logan for the first time.

He picked the most beautiful photo and posted it on his social media. A few days passed, and the couple got a surprise that at first didn’t know what exactly was going on. The photo her husband posted on Facebook went viral, and people from all over the world were sharing the photo of Carolyn and Logan.

Carolyn and Sean Savage got married in 1993, and since then, they have tried to have a baby. For more than 10 years, every attempt was terrible news, and Carolyn just couldn’t get pregnant.

Unfortunately, Carolyn had a couple of miscarriages, and it seemed like the natural way was not an option. Carolyn was getting weaker as she was getting older, and something else needed to be done so they could have a child.

They decided to try one last time in 2009, and Carolyn, for the fourth time, had embryos implanted. They went in with basically no hope because they thought that Carolyn’s body would reject the embryos like the last three times.

However, this time it was a success. Days after the delivery, the couple would receive some news that would change everything.

The morning that Carolyn and Sean started to check their social media, they had 40 plus unread messages, and the post that Sean posted with the photo had more than 6000 shares. They were shocked and didn’t know what was going on.

As they started reading the comments, Carolyn suddenly started crying. They saw that their doctor had reposted the picture and wrote something below that would change everything.

He wrote that the embryos that Carolyn was supposed to have were swapped with someone else’s. He apologized and explained that he made a huge mistake. That was why the whole post went viral in the first place.

They instantly contacted the doctor, hoping that everything they read was a mistake or a joke even. But the doctor reassured that this was all serious. The embryos were swapped by mistake, and Carolyn and her husband would be faced with the hardest decision in their life.

Both Sean and Carolyn were extremely thrilled that they were finally parents, but the embryos that Carolyn had weren’t hers. The embryos that were implanted in her uterus were from another woman.

The couple had a difficult conversation, and they decided that they were going to give back the baby to his biological parents. The felt that it was the right thing to do, even though the doctor told them that it was her last chance of getting pregnant.

Carolyn has spoken and has said that it was a difficult choice but the right one. The couple got in contact with Shannon and Paul Morrell, who were the biological parents. The couple from Detroit didn’t have an idea of what was going on.

Just like Carolyn and Sean, they couldn’t have a baby the natural way. They went into the same treatment as them and didn’t have any success. Shannon and Paul were discussing some other options when Carolyn made the call.

For 6 days, Carolyn was allowed to take care of Logan, until Shannon and Paul came from Detroit to pick him up.

Sean was given the hard task of handing Logan over to his biological parents. After everything they went through, Carolyn thought that she had experienced it all. But in 2011, the couple told their family and friends that they were going to have twins through a surrogate mother.

Isabella and Reagen brought Sean and Carolyn unlimited happiness. Even though they aren’t the biological parents and they didn’t spend much time with Logan, they still miss him. Little did they know that another surprise would come this family’s way.

Something that they would have never expected came back in 2014. As Carolyn was doing a pregnancy test, when she saw them, she started shaking. She did feel unwell for quite some time, but she never thought that it would be because of this.

Carolyn had to sit down because she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She thought that she was infertile. She has said that for the past two decades, she has had countless fertility treatments, and only twice her pregnancy test came back positive. Those two times were when she took the IVF’s, so seeing a positive pregnancy test was completely shocking.

Despite going through so much and struggling with infertility for more than 20 years, Nicholas Winton Savage was born at the end of 2014.

Carolyn was 45-years-old when she gave birth to Nicholas, and she hadn’t taken any fertility drugs. Today Nicholas has two twin sisters and a stepbrother Logan who visits and says with them on weekends.