Australian Zoo Wildlife Hospital treats over 90,000 animals affected by the recent fires.

The world seems to have gone completely crazy. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and wildfires are rising more than ever before. Climate change has taken its toll and it does not plan to stop anytime soon. What have we done like this with our home planet? People just seem to not care at all. Every day we drive our cars to our workplaces where we serve our labor to the conglomerates that are tearing down our very ecosystems. And we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Despite all the evidence that is surrounding us.

The ice keeps melting while natural disasters are increasing at a scary rate. It’s 2020 but we don’t seem to have changed as much as the past decade. Last year the Amazon forest was on fire, causing one of the most devastating events in modern history. Now, Australia has been on fire for days and more than 500 million animals have vanished from this Earth. We seem to not care as much about this, thinking that it doesn’t change much in our lives. But trust me when I say that it does. Trust me when I say that all of this is going to come back on us one day and it is going to be merciless.

Zoos and charities have been trying to do their best to help with the current situation in Australia. We all need to contribute even a little bit to save our land. Australian Zoo Hospital Wildlife which is owned by the family of Bindi Irwin has been trying to volunteer so far by helping over 90,000 animals. The number is not a lot compared to the devastating number of animals lost, but at least they are trying their best to give a helping hand to these poor creatures that are suffering the karma that we left them.

Bindi Irwin posted on social media, announcing the help that her family’s hospital has been giving so far. She also said that they will be contributing to saving as many lives as they can. The wildfires in Australia were the worst. The most affected animals seem to be the koalas. The fires have been burning since December and were only put out recently. But the damage that they left behind is even more catastrophic. 

Just imagine for a second the amount of carbon dioxide that has been emitted to the atmosphere during the Amazon forest fire and the recent Australian fire. What effect does this have on the very air that we breathe in? People don’t seem to care and we don’t yet realize that the planet is going to be fine. We are the ones that might disappear because of all the damage we have done so far if we don’t change.

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