Bus Driver Gets $20,000 On Ellen’s Show for Saving Kids during a Malfunction.

Being a parent is not easy at all. But you know what I think it is even harder than that? Taking care of someone else’s child. Now take that responsibility and make it plural, children. That is why I think that teachers, babysitters or school bus drivers have some of the hardest jobs in the world. Because the joy of working with the kids includes the risk of one of them getting hurt. That is why a person that is in one of these professions must always be alert of the possibilities surrounding dangers.

Renita Smith knows this all too well. She has been a school bus driver for nearly a decade and during her journey through this job she has done the best to keep the kids protected. She goes by a heartwarming philosophy which is that until the kids return to their parents, they are her kids. It seems like Renita is a woman with a very powerful mother’s instinct and she will do anything to keep those children protected. She managed to prove one day her vigilance to danger and her responsibility of saving the kids during an accident.

While she was driving, she started smelling funny smoke in the air. A pair of her brake lights were on but they were working just fine. She pulled over and was about to notify on the radio for transport back up and that is when she realized that the back of the bus was on fire. She got the children out of that bus immediately and double-checked until the end of the bus to make sure that no kid was left behind. After hearing about her heroic actions she was invited to Ellen’s show where she received $20,000 as a gift.