Celine Dion and Elvis Presley perform live on stage and shock the audience. 

We both know that Celine Dion is one of the most classical singers out there. No doubt Elvis Presley is too, but isn’t it odd that they were both performing live in front of a huge audience in the 21st century? We all know that Celine Dion is alive and we do not think much if we see her perform live. But we all know that he passed away in the year of 1977, a whole 43 years ago. How is this possible? Both world-known stars performing in the same stage, but years apart. 

All of this is thanks to the advancement of the hologram of technology. Yes, sorry to say but Elvis did not just appear out of nowhere but was, in fact, a hologram. The video of the performance was uploaded on YouTube and it instantly got millions of views and tens of thousands of likes. The video of Elvis and Celine on stage looked so real it was hard for all of us to believe that Elvis was just a hologram. 

The way that Celine looked at him and Elvis looked back gave us the feeling as if these two knew each other very well. But it was just the long hours and practice that Celine had put into just to make that moment give you goosebumps and feel so realistic. And of course, she achieved to win our hearts and leave us jaw dropped. 

This is not the only hologram performance done, actually another viral video of the famous rapper, Tupac Shakur was uploaded on YouTube. The video was a cut scene of a hologram concert dedicated all to Tupac. Although if you pinched your eyes on this one, you could see that it was not a real performance. It could just not top the Celine Dion and Elvis Presley performance. 

But still, this kind of concerts just make it possible to whiteness our favourite artists that are no longer among us perform. Some companies are working hard to make it possible for hologram performances as real as can be. It is still pretty rare these days to be present in such concerts. But if we are lucky enough one-day hologram concerts might just become a norm. Imagine one day we will be able to whiteness Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, David Bowie, Biggie and much more.