Couple of 67 years decide to groom each other’s hair during quarantine

One of the most searched things on google nowadays is how to cut your hair indoors. This quarantine period is giving all of us a hard time on our hair. Women that used to dye their hair and groom it regularly at the hair salon are now worried about how are they going to take care of them at home. 

Although women take care of their hair more than men, it is men that are suffering the most about hair these days. Men usually have a very short haircut and most are starting to realize that they look like mushroom heads. That has left them no choice but to go bald and shave their head in home conditions. 

This was my situation a few days ago also. My husband asked me if I could groom his hair because it was growing too much. After watching too many videos on the internet we both decided to shave his head. To come and think about is it was one more interesting thing to do during these quarantine days, besides watching TV series on Netflix all day. 

This is what this couple did also. Ezra and Ahova Shapira have been together for 67 years. That is an eye-opener for many of us. But what is more surprising is that they have a big family behind them, 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren. They both have been through so much together. 

They even reached the day they would be quarantined together and cut each other’s hair. Ahova took great care of her hair and she groomed them at the salon frequently. Because it is unsafe to go outside, especially at her age, the only person that could groom her hair was her 92-year-old husband, Ezra. 

Ezra did not want to leave his wife feeling as if she had ugly hair so he decided to be the hair salon for her. He dyed her hair while being as cautious as possible during the process. 

He took good care of his wife’s hair as she sat in her wheelchair excited to see the finished result. The story of this 67-year-old couple went viral on many social media platforms and also was mentioned as news in any part of the world.