Couple with Down syndrome overcome the odds and tie the knot in amazing ceremony

Down syndrome is a disease that has lots of victims affected by it. One of those people is Kieran Branch, a 26-year-old guy who is affected by Down Syndrome. His mother has gone through lots of problems that any regular mom goes through. Still, she also needs to put up with society’s misconceptions about the disease.

Lucky for Tessa, Kieran’s mother, now she can sleep clam. Why you’re asking me? Well, Kieran has found the one girl who loves him as much (if not more than) his mother!

Kieran’s love of his life is also affected by from Down’s syndrome, she is twenty-one years old, and she is the girl of Kieran’s dreams. Her name is Emmie Houckham, and she shares Kieran’s affections too! And, according to Kieran’s mother, they’re just like any ordinary couple.

But what’s more, interesting than this story itself. It is the story of how Kieran and Emmie met. Namely, they first met a couple of years ago when they were attending a camp for people with special needs. “Kent Online,” wrote that the two of them felt the spark almost at first sight. And, their love story started growing from here. It had its ups and downs, but it all summed up when Kieran proposed to Emmie by serenading her.

After he finished his performance, on Boxing Day, back in 2016, Kieran got down to his knee and asked Emmie to say the most important “YES” of her life. Their family advised them to try and live together first for a couple of months, and after they realized that they would be able to do that, they took the final leap!

Their special day was on this year’s August 23rd, and according to them, they were pretty happy with it. After the vow, the two started their special day!

The theme of the day was songs that the bride and the groom loved to listen to, including some of the bigger classics like The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley, Make you Feel my Love by Adelle, and many others.

Tessa, Kieran’s mother noticed that they fit together well, they finish each other’s sentences, and they iron off each other’s imperfections.

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