Deer tick inside man’s eyeball that left him shocked when discovered.

Are you ever walking down the park in your peace and serenity and then suddenly you are forced to close your eyes and start rubbing it immediately? Has it happened to you too? Me also. I am talking about those little insects that seem to aim so correctly for your eye while you are simply walking. What if I told that one of the insects found inside a man’s eyeball, was a deer tick. I know, right? How did it even get inside his eyeball in the first place? Well, let me explain.

It all started when Chris Prater was at his work and he started to feel mild eye pain. At first, he thought of ignoring it but as time passed the pain grew larger and larger. So one of his co-workers decided to take him for a visit to a local optometrist. But they had no ie what they were about to find inside the man’s eye. Once the doctor did a quick diagnosis, he explained that there is a deer tick inside the man’s eyeball and it needs to be removed immediately if he doesn’t want to end up blind.

While personally speaking, whenever one of those small, black, devilish insects gets inside my eye, I do my best to take it out immediately, most of the times, but a tick is a whole different thing. It can bite and cause an infection or it can crawl from inside your eye and then you would have to undergo an operation to remove it. So always be careful and get treatment as soon as possible, if you don’t want to end up having only one eye.