Elementary school turns leftover lunch into frozen meals for children in need

The food produced in this world is going to waste in big amounts in two different kinds of ways. The first way is that 1/3 of the food products produced in factories are dumped in trash cans because they are near their expiration date. But throwing away packaged food that is near their expiration date is completely wrong because food does not actually expire on that particular date, it expires usually after a month or so after the actual expiration date. The second cause is leftovers. Leftovers of cafeteria food, restaurants, the leftovers of our family dinner and so on are a lot of food wasted if you think about it.

Cafeterias waste the most food especially the school cafeterias. The lunch ladies cook the food at an amount but often a part of the food does not even get a chance to get on a plate, so from the oven, it goes straight to the trash can. That is very sad to know that this thing actually happens and it happens very often and also knowing that one in five children in school struggle for a meal when they have finished school and are back home. They do not know what and when they will eat next. The days these kids struggle the most is from Friday to Sunday because they do not have the usual cafeteria meal that fills them up, most of these children starve throughout these days and cannot wait for that Monday cafeteria meal. 

I feel good hearing about cafeteria meals being free for some elementary schools. For me, it was kind of the opposite of this story, the cafeteria meals at my school cost money and because my dad was super cheap he would not give me lunch money to eat at school. Instead, my mother made me traditional Mediterranean food to eat during lunchtime at school. It was definitely not enough to keep me going until 4 pm after school ended and I also was bullied because my American classmates thought that the food looked disgusting. So practically I starved during school and ate at home. Weird huh? 

Anyway, this nonprofit organization called Cultivate paired up with an elementary school and decided that the leftovers that were not served to students could be packaged and frozen to later be served to students in need. The organization comes to the school three times a week and collected the unserved food. They later froze the food and every Friday they give the students in need 8 rations of food to eat for the weekend so they do not have to stress out about what their next meal will be and focus more on having fun playing with their friends and studying just like any normal child.

Either way, children are supposed to feel like a part of society and not feel left out and hungry. Even though what happened to me in elementary school was a bit different by the end of the day I was as stressed out as these children in need. So help these children as much as possible whenever you get the chance to because you will make them less stressed out even just for a day.

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