Five church signs that will teach you life lessons.

Life is not a game. 

Life is living. 

And in order or each and every one o us to live in the best way possible, we need to have some principles. 

You can never get by in life, if you don’t have solid principles to hold your ground. 

But with the nowadays world it seems like people have lost all the respect and the decency that humanity once used to have. 

What happened, I wonder?

 Is it the luxury? 

Are we really that fool of a race that we think we are Gods just because we are smarter than the other animals?

You see, ancient teachings have always been there. 

Teachings coming from Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and other religions are so worthy even to this day. 

But this time we have chosen other lessons.

 Lessons that maybe have been invented recently but that are so valuable for anyone who wants to live a good life.

Talk less and listen more.

This sign says something that we probably never noticed before. 

The words listen and silent are spelled with the same letters. 

Now stop for a moment to think about it. 

These words are kind of linked together, because he who listen is usually silent. 

You cannot actually talk and pretend that you are listening to someone. 

You have to be silent in order to truly know what the other is saying.

Unconditional Love

We as people have all something in common. 

We are all different. 

Now, isn’t that beautiful.

We are actually the same because we are different and that is what brings us all together.

But sometimes we fail to recognize this and therefore we fall into the trap of bad judgment.

That is when we start discriminating other people just because they are so different from us.

Say Thank You

Have you ever noticed how a lot of time we don’t stop to thank for one other people and the Universe for being there with us.

We seem to be so caught up that gratitude is completely out of the window.

Just stop for God’s sake and say thank you for once.

Just take a deep breath and thank everyone for being in your life for good or bad.

Why should we do that people?

Because those people and experiences brought us in this moment and in this moment, you are alive.

Be the role model

Animals tend to be more innocent than us in the way that they look at things.

Take dogs for example.

You dog see you as the one human that is pure, caring and loving.

But just because your dog thinks of you like that, ask yourself, are you actually being that person with others as well?

Help the Unfortunate

There are people that have in this life and there are people that don’t have.

Unfortunately in today’s world, people that have tend to be overprotective towards their wealth.

But you won’t take anything with you when you leave from here, so don’t build a taller fence to protect yourself.

Extend your table so you can help more people while you are alive.

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Never Lose