Fourth Grader Spends His 18 Months Savings to Help Homeless People.

We are all living difficult times right now. Coronavirus has all of us stuck inside the home and lucky are those that work from home. In the US only more than 3 million people lost their jobs. How about the people out there that are homeless? They are having the worst times ever. Because in the past, they would get some money from people walking on the street, but now that everybody is at home, they have to resort to homeless shelters. Money is said to be the root of all people and I disagree with that.

The greed for money is the root of all evil. People always wanting more and more is the cancer of our society. We have always heard the same story over and over. A greedy billionaire manipulating the stock market, making hardworking middle classers lose their assets, just to get more for himself. A wife who never worked a day in her life, never raised kids, never did anything, divorcing her man and asking for half the money and getting it. People become like the evil Grinch when it comes to money and they do anything to take it. 

But what this nine-year-old teaches us is different. Nathan Simons from Illinois, was distraught when he saw how homeless shelters don’t have enough funds to help homeless people so he decided to set an example. Nathan and his father both retrieved money from their bank accounts and gave it to homeless shelters. The fourth-grader took all he had saved in 18 months and bought things for the homeless people. He may have not done much with only $150 but at least he set an example for other people and how they can help others that are more in need than them.