Getting sunburn when you are wearing shorts is the worst.

Now that summer is coming to the lucky people that live in places such as Spain and have the possibility to go to the beach, almost everyone prefers to wear shorts and for the youngsters ripped jeans. And I bet everyone thinks that wearing shorts is somehow going to protect them from the sun and keep them from getting burned. But that is not true. I know a lot of people who got burned by the sun wearing shorts or ripped jeans and by the end of the summer, their legs looked like the back of a zebra.

So how to protect yourself? Sun cream. Because if you don’t and you go to the beach wearing your ripped pants, you are still going to get burned. These are a ton of pictures all over social media of people getting burned only at their knees or having two stripes that go down the thighs.

That is not so nice so protect yourself. I am not saying that you should not wear shorts or ripped pants and go out on normal jeans when it’s boiling outside. I am saying to always put on some sun cream, especially if you know you got delicate skin.

Plus, think about appearances. How are you going to look in public? Because once burned from the sun, then your stripes are going to tan your skin only at that part and then you’ll have to wear long jeans all the time to cover your zebra look. So, since you are wearing shorts or ripped jeans now, and you are planning to go to the beach, then take your sun cream with you, or stay in the shadow.