Girls perform a traditional Greek dance leaving the crowd amazed

Zorba the Greek is, and British-Greek comedy that was made in 1964, and for that movie, a dance was created that years later is considered as traditional Greek dance. In has been performed at weddings and other celebrations for the past 50 plus years. The Sirtaki was created for the movie, but it turned into a traditional dance.

For the first time, it appears at the end of the movie, when Basil and Zorba say goodbye to each other because Basil will be leaving in a couple of days. The scene is set on a beach, and before they part ways, Basil asks Zorba if he could teach him a dance. Zorba accepts, and they both start dancing the Sirtaki.

Not only was the dance created for the movies, but the music they danced to also had to be created. Today thousands of people around the world have made a cover of the song in their own unique way. When seeing the dance, it has that feeling of joy and celebrations, and that’s why anyone who sees it wants to learn it too.

We can see how much dance is recognized and respected in many ways. One of them being the fact that in some dance competitions around the world. The Sirtaki is even a category that people compete in. Almost a decade ago, a version of the dance was posted on YouTube, and it was six girls performing the Sirtaki. Since the video was posted, over 3 million people have seen it, and you may think it is just some girls in Greece performing the dance. When in fact, it was posted by the parents of the girls competing in the Sirtaki category at the 2004 Dancefest, in Newmarket, Ontario, in Canada.

In the video, you can see six girls starting off the dance, and later other joining in. At first, it begins with the original version of the Sirtaki. Still, they also incorporate other dance elements such as tap, clog, and a bit of Irish dance.

A small portion of the comments said that changing the original dance didn’t look right. Still, a lot of the Greek people who commentated have complimented the girls for incorporating other dance elements in it. The truth is that it will always be traditional Greek dance, but many countries in the past have put their twist to it, and it doesn’t mean that it can look bad.

Since so many people have said that if they don’t perform the dance in its original form, it doesn’t look good. Well, word has been spreading for years now that when the time came to film the final scene and perform the dance, Anthony Quinn, the guy that played Zorba, injured his foot before the scene was shot. So some adjustments had to be made so he could perform the dance.

There is a part in the performance when the girl that plays Zorba takes out a handkerchief and starts doing more leaps and jumps, which is also an add on to the original version. 

The girl’s performance even looks smoother than the original, then again, it is way easier dancing on stage then dancing on the sand like the characters in the movie. At the end of the dance, two girls bring plates and smash them on the ground yelling ‘OPA’ while doing it.

Their performance was fast, dynamic, and entertaining to watch, that’s why so many people have seen the video online.

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