Grandfather buys a school bus for his grandchildren

Today’s news can be filled with things that don’t leave a mark, that while you could be switching through the channels wouldn’t catch your eye, and things that don’t interest you.

But we have found a story that we are sure will make you smile, and you might even shed a few tears of joy. This story can show you how important family is and how much love is there between grandparents and their grandchildren.

Doug Hayes, from Oregon, has always wanted to make Christmas special for his grandchildren, and every year he comes up with some unique presents for them. This year though, he just might have stepped up his Christmas gift surprise. He even went viral on the internet after surprising his grandchildren with this year’s gift.

Doug this year decided that he will go all out and the fact that he has ten grandchildren, he wanted to spend more quality time with them, he bought a bus for them. Not just an ordinary bus, but a yellow school bus. His reason was that every day he could take them to school and later pick them up in the afternoon.

When he reviled the yellow school bus to all his grandchildren. At first, they were a bit confused, but later they started jumping for joy that he could take them to school every day. The kid’s reaction was filmed and later put on the internet so everyone could see their reactions. He was asked why he had bought them a school bus rather them individual presents. He has said that the ordinary presents would have been good as well but giving them a school bus, that gift they will remember forever.

All of his grandchildren go to a small elementary school that doesn’t have a school bus, but now every morning, he will be waiting for them outside of their house to take them to school. The Grandfather Express, as he has named the bus, will be taking the grandchildren to school all year-round.

Doug could even say that he has become a part-time bus driver, but he says that it is not a big deal, plus he gets to spend more time with all of his grandchildren.

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