Husband can’t stop smiling when he sees his wife after her makeover

Videos of glam makeovers have been circling on YouTube for a while now. A specific one has gained a lot of views in a couple of weeks. Not just for the fantastic makeover but also for the reaction of the husband at the end of it.

The short video starts off with the husband walking in the house and seeing his wife for the first time after the makeover has been finished. By the look on his face, we clearly know that the makeover was going to be amazing. 

This was all the work of the famous Minneapolis makeover guru, Christopher Hopkins, who has an appearance studio and does makeover for men and women who 45 years or older.

Tamara wanted to do something for herself, so she decided to go to Christopher for a big makeover. Tamara is working as a nurse, and she has said that she wants to do something for herself for a change. She has said that she enjoys helping others, but once in a while, you have to treat yourself. Change can be good, and she was up for it.

When the makeover was done and Tamara for the first time looking at herself in the mirror, she was stunned. When she came in, she had no makeup, and her hair was all over the place when Tamara saw her transformation she was just amazed at what a little makeup and a bit hair trim can do.

Her gray roots were gone, and they were covered by beautiful blonde color. She had a shine that was just wonderful to see. They cut a bit of her hair at the end, not much, but just enough to keep it simple and still look stylish. 

The makeup team also had their touch on the makeover. They started to blend in all Tamara’s skin tones and added a bit of color to go along and compliment her hair color. They put a bit of blush on her cheeks so they could stand up a bit more. They didn’t want to overdo it, so they set a natural lip color and wanted all the focus to be on her eyes. They said that her eyebrows were perfect, all they needed to do was give them a little shape. It was time to finish the eyes, so they put on some fake eyelashes and finished it up with a tad of eyeliner and eye shadow. They weren’t going for an everyday look, so Tamara won’t be going to work like that, but the makeup and hair were perfect for a beautiful night out with her husband.

When she sees herself, her face lights up, and you can see that beautiful smile of hers. What makes it even more special was the reaction of Tamara’s husband when he can in to see his wife for the first time. He was blown away, and by his face, you could see that this was something special and something that didn’t happen every day.

He smiling and blushing says it all. He didn’t open up with the best words to say to a woman after she has something done, and that is, he couldn’t even recognize her. But it all goes perfect when he follows up with how beautiful and amazing she looks.

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