Man takes an amazing picture during the first dawn of this decade.

We all want to experience some great events that can make our day. How about a special event that makes your whole decade? During the last days of the past years, I could see almost everybody on social media being so hyped about the coming of the new decade. Everyone would post and say motivational things and how they just could not wait to be in the new decade. It was truly typical because everyone tends to want to become better for the New Year.

But as the New Year comes along, most of the people break their resolutions before the first twelve hours. In this article, however, we are not going to talk about New Year’s resolutions. We are going to talk about a very special event that made the decade for a man. Rhys Pleming is a British hiker who decided to capture the first dawn of this decade. He went up to climb Snowdon mountain at its highest peak to capture a beautiful view. But what he went on to capture instead left him in awe and he felt totally surprised.

After taking a few snapshots he noticed a particular photo where he could see the figure of a man shadow walking in the clouds. This is known to be the Broken specter. This event happens when the low sun shines behind someone and his shadow is projected forward causing a silhouette against the rainbow and offering the amazing look of someone in the clouds. Rhys was so lucky to capture this rare event and it all happened thanks to his slow-walking friend. He had planned to capture the first dawn of this decade with his friend, who was slower than him and told him to climb ahead.

When Rhys reached the top, an hour later his friend showed up. That is when he took the photo and saw that he had captured such an amazing moment. This picture was worth sharing it on social media and now it has gone viral with people saying that this photo must be some kind of a miracle. While the photo makes it look like it is a work of God, we have an explanation for what happened here. The only thing that amazes me is the fact that he was able to capture this at the right moment. He is a lucky man.

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