Marine surprises family for Christmas

As the holiday season is upon us, most of us get to sit at home with our families and enjoy the atmosphere that the holiday can bring. We said most of us because some families have their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives serving their time at the military abroad. It is the simplest wish that a family wants, everyone to be together, at home for the holidays. But if someone is overseas serving their time with the army, that wish may not come true. Like every year, during the holiday season, some family members will be serving abroad and will miss the whole holiday season and won’t get to be home and relax and having a good time with their loved ones.

Some of the servicemen and women can get time off. When they come back home to surprise everyone, it is a beautiful sight to see how everyone is screaming with joy. Most of them that get to go home for the holidays don’t even tell their loved ones, so when they show up at the front door, they love seeing their family faces light up. There are multiple videos every year that show how military men and women show up at home unannounced and surprise their families.

There are hundreds of videos online you can see from families’ reactions when they see their family members at the front door. In this particular video, the marine found out that he can take some time off from his service and go back home for Christmas. Before he got on the plane, he only told his brother-in-law and wanted no one else to know that he will be home for Christmas. Deral, his brother-in-law, picked him up at the airport and drove him back to his mother’s house.

In the video, you can see the marine walking up to his mother’s house in full uniform, and when he knocked on the door, the dogs inside started barking. Seconds later, his mother opens the door and starts screaming. She quickly jumped in his arms, and while she was giving him the biggest hug, the marine couldn’t stop smiling.

After that big hug, the video ends, but we probably know what happened next when he came inside, and everyone saw him. Deral, shortly after, posted the video on YouTube and it went viral almost immediately, with nearly 7 million people watching it. A lot of people commented, saying that they can feel the joy and happiness of the mom. And you can see by the marines face that it was worth it not telling them he was going to come back for Christmas.

While we enjoy seeing such videos and are happy that the marine got to go home to spend the holidays with his family. Thousands of others didn’t have the same luck. We need to respect and appreciate every serviceman and woman that couldn’t be with their families and hope that they will soon reunite with them.

The most important thing about the videos is that after it, we know that everyone that night had a great time. And everyone was happy that the marine could come back home to spend Christmas with them.

Videos like this can teach us how important family is. We may not all be a part of a military family, but we can learn from them and see how it feels when someone close to us and someone that we love is not home. Massive respect to those that aren’t home for the holidays, and may you come back safe.

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