An Asteroid Is Going To Hit Earth On The Election Day?

  This year has been so far the most hated year in the human history. People have been cursing 2020 all over the internet for bringing misfortunes, a pandemic, and now a freaking asteroid. It seems that this year is determined to make us all either bend to the will of the Universe and change the way we live or just go extinct.  The scientists have predicted that an asteroid is in a direct course to have an impact with Earth just a day before the US elections in November. The asteroid known by the name 2018VP1 will hit Earth ... Read more

Nearly 40 missing children rescued during Georgia sex trafficking bust

State and federal agents have busted a dozen of offenders after an operation that saved around thirty children. Our reporters learned that the operation was named “Not Forgotten” and it spanned around 20 counties around Atlanta. Fugitive hunters, U.S. Marshals and other agents have spent more than two weeks in trying to find missing and exploited kids. They managed to recover 26 endangered children and found 13 missing children. Donald Washington, the U.S Marshals Service Director stated that authorities suspect some of the children were already victims of sex trafficking. The whole operation “Not Forgotten” took place over 20 counties ... Read more

Megan Markle gets to hear some terrible news from the courthouse.

Being part of a royal family can sound like a dream come true for millions of people. The thing is that it is more complicated and harsh than you can ever imagine. We have all probably heard of Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. But do we actually know what she has been dealing with since she married Prince Harry?  We see her all over the news as this figure that is unfitting for the royal family due to her “scandalous” past or the way she does not strictly respect the rules that come with being a duchess. The media ... Read more

10+ photos of people doing something they regret immediately after

We have all had weird or embarrassing moments that have been witnessed by others close by. And instantly, after we have done something like that, we regret it. You will see people that felt exactly like that in the next photos. Some of the photos you will see next will definitely remind you of the time you have done something weird or stupid, and you will feel that regret again. 1. Where is your number? These two posted an ad on a bus with the slogan ‘Call Us’ but forgot to add their number. 2. Excuse me that is my ... Read more

15+ Photoshop fails that will make you laugh, Including Kim’s Fail

We are deep in 2020 now, and many people these days are keen on using Photoshop. For some reason, some people don’t even bother downloading Photoshop, because you can find photo altering applications on the internet. They are not as good as Photoshop, but if used right, they can do the job as well. It is normal to use Photoshop today. Many magazines use it to alter and add some fine touches to their covers. It seems like the many failures you see are from models that posed for a magazine cover. Don’t get us wrong, there are people who ... Read more

People have been debating about a video of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s mansion in Los Angeles

It hasn’t been long now since fans of Prince Harry have started to compare two videos that have popped up online. They are from their new home in Los Angeles, and when people saw them, they started to get worried. From the moment Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left England to live in Los Angeles, British media and fans who they had back home were a bit sad. Plus, now, with recent videos, they are starting to get more worried. Their decision was very sudden, almost nobody expected what Harry and Meghan did. While moving, lots of rumors and controversies ... Read more

30+ photos taken in Walmart

Walmart is one of the biggest stores where you can find basically anything, and it’s a great place to shop if you want to get something for a lower price. One of the best things that makes Walmart what it is today is the costumers that shop there. In the past, some interesting things have happened in Walmart, and we today are about to show you some of the best. Next, you will see some photos that summarize Walmart and some of the interesting people that shop there. Matching outfits. This girl had to make a quick stop at Walmart ... Read more

Police Stays Indifferent As a Teen Is Beaten Up.

NYPD cops had a fantastic view to a five-on-one fight, yet let the viciousness play out as opposed to carrying out their responsibilities to split it up, The Post has learned.  An 11-year-old young lady was slapped, punched, kicked and even stunned with an immobilizer by a gathering of five different young ladies after a ball game around 7 p.m. Sunday on East 125th Street close to Madison Avenue in Harlem.  During the approximately 4-minute beatdown, cops sat inertly in close by cruisers, however they didn’t get out until the young lady was wicked and wounded, a Post picture taker ... Read more

Boyfriend show the ultimate support when shaving his girlfriend’s hair, he shaves his own too

Every one of us has a different hairstyle. Some people don’t really care how their hair looks, but to someone, their hair is the centrepiece of their look. To them, their hair represents a part of who they are, and they always want it to look the best. Many people even are known for their hair or hairstyle, and changing it or having it cut can change their whole look. But not everyone can grow out or style their hair as they like. Some even go bald at a certain age. And then there are people who have an autoimmune ... Read more

A woman was rightfully told off for judging a biker

One day, Luc Perreault went out to drive test the motorbike that his mom bought for herself. He wanted to see if she got the right thing and if she was going to experience any challenges with the bike. While he was on the road, he stopped at a coffee shop. When he got off the bike, a little girl waved at him from a distance, but what happened at that point was something unexpected. First of all, let us tell you about Luc. He isn’t your everyday guy, he is big, has a lot of tattoos, loves riding his ... Read more

30+ pictures of people wearing weird bikinis at the beach

We have all seen an embarrassing bikini or swimwear while we visited a beach. Bad bikinis are very common, and you just have to open your eyes. Do people not know how bad is it or they just want some kind of attention? Next, you will see some pictures that show people who should be banned from beaches all over the world. 1. I see what this girl wanted to achieve with this fishbowl type bikini 2. How did this guy get tan lines? 3. Trash bag for a bathing suit? This guy thinks it’s okay. 4. Recycling your old ... Read more

President Trump has offered to pay for the funeral of Vanessa Guillen

A few days ago, President Trump hosted the family of Vanessa Guillen, who was a soldier that went missing back in April, from Fort Hood. The 20-year-old soldier was recently found dead, and President Trump said that he would like to pay for the funeral. Not so long ago, a male soldier was suspected that he had something to do with the disappearance of Guillen, but he later committed suicide. Some reported even asked Trump, has he ever offered to pay for someone else’s funeral. He answered, saying that he has done it for many troops. It has gone unnoticed ... Read more