Police department honors the fallen policeman and woman with a blue Christmas tree

At the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, in Indiana, the officers had a fantastic idea to honor all of the officers that had lost their lives this year. In the Sheriff’s Office, they have put up a big Christmas tree, all decorated with blue ornaments honoring every officer. The inspiration behind this idea was that Boone County lost one of their own officers back in March of this year, Deputy Jacob Pickett. Sheriff Mike Nielsen love the idea that a couple of communication officers thought off, and they decided to do it.

They decorated the Christmas tree with blue ornaments that represented every police officer that had lost their lives in the past year. 147 blue ornaments were hung on the tree, and everyone had the name, rank, and the date that they were on the job. Sheriff Mike has said that this was a beautiful way to honor Jacob and every officer that gave their lives on the job.

When the holiday season ends, and the tree would have to be brought down, every ornament will be mailed to the police department that the specific officer worked. The colleagues of Jacob still feel like they have lost a brother, and they have said that the department isn’t the same without him. Officer Mike Gideon has said that everyone at the department had an excellent relationship with him, and putting up this tree on his behalf means a lot to them.

Joni Scott, the department’s chaplain, organized putting up the tree. And he has said that Jacob’s loss was hard, that the department lost a true hero that was on the streets of the town, making it safe every day. His death means that the county has lost a friend and brother, and he will never be forgotten for what he did for the county and the people. He has said that not just Jacob’s family but all of the 147 officers that have lost their lives this Christmas, their families will have one empty chair on the dinner table. The death of Deputy Jacob Pickett was genuinely tragic. Still, the one thing that we can say that is positive about it is that the whole community has come together as one, and everyone is now closer. 

The whole county has come together and love and care for each other than ever before. Jacob might not be with us today, but he would also want the communities to be and to act like one.

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