Robert Irwin can’t hold back tear while talking about the Australian Bushfires

We all know about the devastating fires that are currently happening in Australia, and it is heartbreaking to see so many animals feeling helpless. The flames have been going on for the past few months, and firefighter has been trying to put them out and keep them from spreading day and night. Even though some of the fires have been put out or controlled, without a doubt, they have left behind enormous damage.

The son of the famous Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, that most of us loved watching on TV back in the day, Robert, went on a morning show with his mother. On that show, he explained more about what the fires have done so far and what we should expect in the future and how we should act. While his mother was explaining the situation with koalas, Robert couldn’t hide his tears about the circumstances that koalas are in. The Irwin family up until now has managed to help more than 90000 animals, and each day, more and more arrive at their zoo for medical assistance and shelter.

It’s been said that since the fires started up until today, more than half a billion animals lost their lives or were severely injured in the flames. As the firefighters are trying hard to stop the fires, people are trying, even more, to help the animals wounded by the flames and try to find them a safe place away from the fires.

Vet clinics and zoos from all over Australia have been out in the field, helping and bringing back animals that have been injured by the fires. Robert, his mother, and the whole team at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital have been helping animals since the start of the flames. Even though they are miles away from the areas that are in fires, they continue to go out there and bring back animals in need. They have said that different animals have different injuries, and they are trying hard to help all of them. Koalas, platypuses, birds, and other animals have been brought back to the zoo to give them the help they need.

The most common injuries that animals have from the fires are burns and smoke inhalation. Still, other things can affect the safety of the animals. Since they are starting to run away from the burning areas, they go into places that also aren’t safe. They are crossing roads and get hit by cars and trucks, they may stumble into some backyard and get attacked by the domestic animals and get hurt or even killed.

The most concern that everyone has is with the koalas. Robert and his mother have said that for them to feel safe, they climb trees, specifically eucalyptus trees, which contain oils. So when the tree catches fire, the trees and even the leaves can explode due to the oils. They said that koalas have been brought back to the zoo with terrible injuries due to those trees, and most of those injuries were fatal. Terri, Robert’s mother, has even said that after the fires are all put out, it should be considered that koalas be put on the endangered list.

Throughout the whole interview, Robert was holding back his tears as his mother continued to explain the koala situation. He, at one point, added that they are doing everything they can and are hoping that more people join in to help the helpless animals that are running away from the fires.

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