The Happiest People Are Those Who Realized That God Is Enough

We should be envious of people who have a strong faith in God. They are the ones who have the most strength, they are the ones that stay calm even if the whole world is falling apart in front of their eyes. They are the people who can forgive you even if you have hurt them a lot, but also can move forward and stop thinking of things that weren’t meant to be. If something is out of their control, they don’t stand around a dwell on it, they move forward in life.

We also want to be at peace, knowing that God is everything they need, and he has something planned out for us. Knowing that the love towards God is the purest, and that is the only love we need.

Waking up in the morning and not be bothered to pursue some worldly or materialistic pleasure, not thinking of the people who have stopped loving them. Throughout the years, they have learned that your happiness doesn’t depend on other people, because if it did, you would never be truly happy. But with God, you will always feel satisfied and be grateful for everything that you have in life. Waking up every morning, you will be so thankful that you are alive and that God is there for you.

When people find God, they are finding happiness, they start to understand life better, and they are then ready to go through life with God as their guide. Finding God isn’t easy or something that you can learn or get directions to. When you finally get there, you can see how life can be so beautiful, how you will always be more calm and patient when times seem rough and harsh. God will always be enough, and until you realize that you will never be complete.

People think that God is too hard on them, that God doesn’t know what truly makes us happy. If we let him write our destiny, learn how to talk to him, we stop wanting and asking for things that we don’t need or are not for us, we will feel sad and confused. Building that trust towards God can change the whole perspective. We have one life.

The happiest people you will see and meet are the ones that truest a follow God. They go through life and its obstacles with calmness, knowing that God is right there by their side, looking out and protecting them. They always feel loved, and that is enough for them.