This Baby Recovered From COVID-19 Becoming The Face Of Hope

As we speak they are currently 1,500,000 people infected from coronavirus. In the beginning, it was thought that this virus would affect all the old people into people with underlying health issues. But as situations have developed we have seen even young people getting affected by the virus. Fortunately, the number of young people dying is low. There is a lot of negative news regarding the virus, but today we have hope. 

America has become the number one country with the highest number of infected people. Over 1000 new cases of people affected have been counted today. In total there are 435,000 people infected in America. Spain is the second most affected country. And Italy is the third. Today we have some really good news. One baby has recovered from the virus. His name is Leo and he's just two months old. 

After 50 days of being diagnosed, Leo has managed to beat the virus. The baby from Milan was hospitalized. Initially, he had a fever which later progressed the shortness of breath. Now his smiling photo is being celebrated as the interpretation of hope. Italy is one of the most effective countries from coronavirus with a total death toll of nearly 18,000 people. So this little baby brought hope in the heart of Italian.

People are loving the photo and have shared it on Facebook a lot. The Mayor of Corbetta shared the photo himself. Marco Ballarini Named the baby The face of hope. This is giving people one more reason to be happy and feel like there is the hope of beating this pandemic. However, the war against this virus still continues. 

People must practice social distancing, they should wash their hands regularly and avoid touching the face as much as we can in order to stop spreading the virus. Staying home is our best weapon.