14 Things Prince Harry Gave Up To Be With Meghan Markle

Giving up his senior royal rank was not Prince Harry’s first sacrifice for his love, Meghan Markle. The prince has spent his whole life as a member of the royal family, which has given him various benefits and pleasures that he no longer enjoys. But, in the end, it’s all worth it to be joyful with his tiny family. Relationships need concessions and certain sacrifices, which is a difficult task to accomplish, particularly when millions of money and a lifetime title are at stake. Some of the things Prince Harry has given up for Meghan are inconsequential or terrible habits he picked up as a “bad kid.” Nonetheless, Meghan Markle has affected him positively in a variety of ways.

Prince Harry isn’t the only one who has made sacrifices. Meghan left up her pleasant, regular existence to attempt to live like the royals. She was frequently subjected to such close scrutiny that it was harming her wellbeing and mental health. Finally, Prince Harry took the choice to quit the royal family in order to safeguard Meghan and Archie.

Meghan and Harry have made concessions together during their relationship. For his bride, Prince Harry gave up smoking, drinking, and caffeine. Likewise, Meghan was obliged to discontinue writing for her blog, The Tig. It can’t have been an easy choice to leave the royal life, but it’s what’s good for the happy couple and their marriage. Yes, it needed Prince Harry to give up some very important things to him, but they will be happier living a quiet life together in the end.

Here are some of the most significant things Prince Harry has sacrificed for his fiancée, Meghan Markle.

Military Positions and Titles

One of the most significant losses for Prince Harry has been the loss of his treasured military rank. Harry spent several years in the British military, rising to the rank of captain general of the Royal Marines. His pals jokingly referred to him as “Captain Wales.” Harry was supposedly distraught when he learned he had to stand down.

He is extremely pleased to have served as a Royal Marines Captain, and is heartbroken that he must resign. He feels like he is letting people down, but he didn’t have an option, he once stated.

Meghan Markle and Archie moved to Canada soon after declaring their royal departure. Harry left Britain to live with them after everything was resolved. But, Canada was not their final destination, as the family opted to relocate to the West Coast of the United States. They were apparently hunting for a property in Los Angeles and had settled on one in Malibu for the time being. Prince Harry had to uproot his entire life to travel to the United States, but we hope he finds happiness here.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, Meghan and Harry’s kid, was never regarded as a prince, but now he won’t have that option later in life. But there’s more: any future offspring will be stripped of their royal titles. Some believe Meghan and Harry’s choice to maintain Archie’s royal title was part of a grand plot to depart the royal life. In the end, this will most likely benefit their kids by providing them with a more normal existence.

As part of his retirement from his senior royal post, Harry will no longer assist in the leadership of the British Commonwealth. He had to relinquish his position as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, which gave him a lot of power.

Prince Harry will aim to develop ties between young folks and Commonwealth youth leaders, and to inspire them to utilize Commonwealth platforms to solve their generation’s social, economic, and environmental concerns, a statement introducing his post once stated.

Meghan and Harry will continue to demonstrate their devotion to Queen Elizabeth by serving as president and vice president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, respectively. provide them with a more regular existence.

Loss of three million euros Frogmore Cottage is being renovated.

Prince Harry incurred significant debt when he married Meghan Markle. When the two opted to make the United States their permanent home rather than the United Kingdom, they owed the British taxpayers $3 million euros. The funds were utilized to renovate Frogmore Cottage, which would be their permanent residence. Furthermore, they lost home workers who were supposed to assist them with the formal relocation.

The Queen stated in her statement that Harry, Meghan, and Archie will always be greatly loved members of her] family. Nevertheless, Harry can no longer use the title “His Royal Highness,” which he has had since he was a child. Prince Harry never appeared to worry about his royal position, but it will be a significant departure from the world he has always experienced. He’ll no longer have a last name that suits his family.

The Royal Sussex Brand

The Sussex Royal Instagram account will soon no longer be exclusively for Meghan and Harry. The two will lose their millions of followers and have to start over, but perhaps that will alter now that they live in LA, the hub for social media influencers. We’re certain they’ll be able to regain their following.

The Royals Pay for World Travel

During their first year of marriage, Prince Harry and Meghan completed a globe tour. The royals organized and paid for the excursion entirely. Any international trip will now be at their own cost. Fortunately, Harry has launched a sustainable travel firm that will most likely send them throughout the world.

Say goodbye to those private jets once and for all, Meg and Harry!

Prince Harry handed up his whole fortune, costing the royal family millions of dollars. Being a prince wasn’t simply a title for him; it was also his work, thus he has lost his salary, which was substantial. Despite Prince Harry’s enormous personal fortune, he and Meghan will need to find new employment in order to maintain their lifestyle. According to reports, Harry’s father, Prince Charles, would offer some financial assistance to his son and daughter-in-law, such as funding for their security.

Prince Harry has had a severe nicotine habit since his Eton days. When he met Meghan, she wasn’t pleased and persuaded him to leave. In 2017, an insider informed that Harry has agreed not to smoke at home. It’s not ideal for Meghan, who is a nonsmoker. So no more peering out the window for a quick puff. Harry has resigned in favor of Meghan.

We all believed Harry would be a fantastic father when he admitted to a few vices in unity with Archie’s mother. Meg, obviously, couldn’t drink alcohol while pregnant, so Prince Harry abstained. Harry was a legendary partier with a history of scandals, so quitting alcohol may have been more difficult than he anticipated. Harry appears to be over his partying days, as he is now concentrating on the crucial aspects of his life.

Meghan did not approve of Prince Harry’s hunting activities, so he quit. Harry has long been a devotee of the sport, which drew him and his older brother William closer together because it is a royal tradition. Given Meghan Markle’s advocacy for animals, she most likely did not believe hunting was in accordance with their principles. Jane Goodall, another animal champion, praised Harry’s choice. Goodall stated in an interview she thinks Harry will quit since Meghan doesn’t like hunting, so she assumes that is done for him.

Everybody understands how much the British enjoy their tea, but it wasn’t in keeping with Meghan’s healthy principles. To maintain her healthy lifestyle, Prince Harry opted to quit consuming caffeine. Meghan has forbidden Harry from ingesting caffeine, which would mean most types of tea.

He won’t see his family or friends as much now that Harry and Meghan have relocated across the world. Uprooting one’s life in such a way is a major adjustment, particularly if somebody is royal. One of Harry’s buddies told that he’s missing home.

In many respects, it’s an emotional period for him, the buddy added. In many respects, it is bittersweet. He’s always wanted to live a normal life and stay away from the limelight and that’s exactly what he’s doing, but it means abandoning his family. Harry is a kind, devoted person, therefore this will be difficult for him.


Certainly, Harry has had to give up some big aspects of his previous life, but it’s all in exchange for something greater. He is starting a new chapter in his life with a new family. He is focused on Meghan and Archie, and he wishes to provide a better life for his kid than he had. Harry never intended Archie to grow up royal and in the public glare, so his choice to stand down makes perfect sense.

Harry has suffered a great deal in his adjustment from royal life. He’s also given up certain harmful vices in order to be with Meghan, and it appears like his life will be better for it. Meghan has a perceptible impact on Harry’s contentment, so even though he is giving up royal titles and sovereignty over the Commonwealth, he is finding utmost satisfaction as a family man.

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