Steve Harvey’s secret to his wife

Steve Harvey is a comedian known and loved by many people, who managed to bring a smile to our lips. However, Steve has his secrets.Steva was born in 1957 in Welch, West Virginia and his name was Broderick, but he always used the name Steve. After a few years, he …

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Disabled woman post selfies after being told she’s “too ugly”

Blogger Melissa Blake wrote a post about Donald Trump and it immediately went viral – for one terrible reason. You see, people weren’t sharing or commenting on Melissa’s post because it was well-written, thought-provoking, or even controversial. They were commenting on the photo that accompanied Melissa’s article – a selfie. …

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Transgender Celebrities We All Admire

Transgender people are as yet battling for basic social liberties consistently, and it’s difficult to envision how intense their lives can be because of others’ obliviousness. Fortunately, there are numerous famous people out there that are making some noise about their changes and have become good examples for the network. …

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