For this mother, a day off turned into a nightmare.

Some summer days can be extremely hot, with temperatures reaching dangerously high levels at times, and it is best to escape the sun’s relentless rays. On such hot days, the pools are a welcome getaway; a few laps in the cold water can entirely shift your attitude while also keeping you in shape.

If you have a swimming pool in your yard and you have kids, you need to be extremely careful and make sure they don’t come too close. Babies are unpredictable, and accidents can happen at any time. This mother briefly witnessed hell with her own eyes. Keep reading.

With her one-year-old daughter, Jayah, Julia is enjoying a day off. They switched between cartoons and a blog article with recipes as they watched their favorite show. She then left for just a few minutes to use the restroom. Life is, you know, life.

When Jayah came back from the bathroom, Julia called the young girl since she wasn’t in the same spot. No response. Again. T he same. Jayah wasn’t around when Julia started searching in the other rooms, thinking perhaps she was up for games. She proceeded down the stairs and observed the back door open, and she nearly fainted as she came close to the pool. In the next moment, the woman began to scream.

Jayah was in the center of the pool, floating on the water’s surface as if she were unconscious. Jayah was promptly taken outsode, and Julia began first aid treatments despite the fact that she had no vital signs. An ambulance was called by Julia, and it showed up shortly after. The young child was given their best efforts to revive her, but she showed no signs of life.

They declared the verdict: she passed away. How can things so easily turn into something terrible? Julia was simply destroyed. Destroyed. After some while, however, Jayah abruptly started coughing, which caused some significant thrills but also a tremendous wave of optimism and delight.

To make sure she was okay, paramedics went to her help right away. She appeared to be unaffected at all. For all the amazing things they accomplish each day, for each time they put their lives in danger or save lives, paramedics deserve a standing ovation. Spread the word about this and let’s thank them for their honorable deeds!