Man Dumps His Partner For 22 YO Ukrainian Refugee Who Came To Live With Them

An unusual event has recently occurred in the UK where a 29-year-old man has abandoned his wife. But what is the reason? The 29-year-old British man fell in love with a refugee from Ukraine.

The 22-year-old did not have much time in the UK and they met within a few weeks. She came to escape the war and the couple approached when the young Ukrainian woman started living in his house. Both claim to be very much in love with each other.

However, the 29-year-old is married to his English partner and has two children with him. He fell in love with the Ukrainian refugee and is ready to continue living with her. According to him, this is something painful but it had to happen.

Sofia Karkadym, 22-years-old, took refuge in the home of Tony Garnett and Lorna shortly after the war began. She was coming from the city of Lviv to escape the war. But she found the love of her life.

Tony Garnett and Lorna decide to take Sofia to their home. But this was not so right decision apparently. Tony left his family and moved to live with Sofia.

He said that he is very much in love with Sofia and thinks that he has never felt like this before. Tony offered shelter to the girl after she indicated she wanted to leave the war.

She was an IT manager and was a successful girl. After Tony fell in love with him, he left his partner with whom they had two children.

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