She was old, had no friends, and her children had forgotten her.

At some time in their lives, everyone is going to require a makeover.

After you’ve lost who you are, you can discover that you need to redefine who you are. It is easy to lose sight of who you truly are when you are so preoccupied with meeting the requirements of others that you neglect your own requirements. Because of this, a makeover is really necessary.

Along with it comes a decline in one’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth, which causes one to question whether or not they are deserving of a nice appearance. Being presentable is at the bottom of your list of priorities.

You may, however, completely modify your appearance by making a few minor adjustments, purchasing a new wardrobe, updating your hairstyle, and applying a little bit of makeup.

A veteran who currently works for the United States army, Belita Edwards was in desperate need of a makeover. When Belita was serving in the military, she was always busy with activities that she considered to be more important at the moment.

She did not have time to spend staring at herself in the mirror or going shopping for hours. At that point in time, she was unable to focus on anything but her work, and we completely understand that.

Because she has recently completed a number of tasks, Belita should take this opportunity to reflect on how attractive she was before the demands of a career and adulthood came into her life.

According to her, she was too accustomed to her usual appearance and ordinary locks that resembled straw, which caused her to be submerged in a sea of self-doubt and a lack of confidence.

When Belita looked in the mirror, she realized that she did not have the faintest concept of what to alter or add to her appearance in order to get the ideal mix.

They took it upon themselves to assist Belita as a result of a program known as “Makeovers That Matter,” which is aimed at assisting veterans in rediscovering their natural attractiveness.

Michael John Derricot, the inventor of the program, notes that he was inspired to launch the effort when he came to the conclusion that veterans of the armed forces do not receive the appropriate level of recognition for their service.

They have earned our support in any way we can give it because of all the good they have done, putting themselves in our shoes.

It was an incredible opportunity for Belita to have a fresh start that would completely transform her appearance and transport her back in time to when she was younger.

She was overjoyed to have professionals take care of her makeover without any reservations. When comparing Belita’s appearances from the past and the present, you won’t believe that they belong to the same woman. Different states, but the same woman!

What are your thoughts on the transformation that Belita has undergone? Do you think she will be able to reclaim her sense of self-worth? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, and don’t forget to tell everyone you know about her incredible makeover!