3-year-old boy’s quick thinking saves dad’s life

No matter how indifferent little children might seem about the things taking place around them, the truth is that most of them are very observant, and this characteristic is what helped one young boy save his father’s life.

Mark, who has diabetes type I, is a father of three-year-old Lenny-George Jones. Having this condition isn’t easy. It requires a lot of discipline, eating healthy, and maintaining a healthy weight, among the rest. Despite everything, people suffering from this condition are at higher risk of blood clots, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

One day, as Mark and his son were having fun together at home, Mark suddenly collapsed on the kitchen floor. Being alone in the house with his little son didn’t seem promising, but his boy knew exactly what to do as he watched his mom doing the same before.

Although he’s still very young, Lenny-George knew he needed to give his daddy something to eat in order for him to get better. The quick-thinking boy grabbed some yogurt from the fridge and put it in his dad’s mouth using a toy knife. Shortly after, Mark regained his consciousness and was able to take his medications.

The boy’s mom, Emma, shared what had happened and explained: “I’m not sure how he took [the yogurt] out of the fridge, but his tiny blue wooden chair was right next to it, so it appeared as if he’d brought it over to stand on it.

“He was able to feed Mark enough to raise his blood sugar levels and acquire his medications.”

Mark was happy things turned the way they did and said he was very proud of his son who knew exactly what to do in order to save his father’s life.

“He’s such a sweet and thoughtful little child,” Emma said.

Lenny-George deserves all the praise for his heroic act.

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