Mom Picks Up Child From Daycare And Snaps Photo Of Rude Sign On Door, Now It’s Going Viral

It is true that technology facilitates our lives, but it can also harm us if we overuse it. And I think everyone can agree with that.

Without being aware, we let technology occupy at least one-third of our day. And we can spend that time differently for example with the people we love or doing something useful for ourselves.

In Hockley, Texas, an owner of a daycare center, couldn’t stand parents being on their phones all the time while picking up their children, so she decided to tell them everything about it and how he felt.

The owner decided to post a sign on the daycare center’s door and one of the moms snapped a photo of it and shared it online.

The photo went viral, but little did she know that it would cause such a stir. Some people agree with what was written there, and others say that owners have no right to tell others how they should raise their children.

This is what the sign read:

You are picking up your child. Get off your phone!

They are happy to see you, are you not happy to see them? The children are waiting to tell their parents everything they did, and the parents are on the phone.

It is appalling. We have heard children say, ‘Mommy, mommy,’ and the parents don’t pay attention to them.

The mom who shared the photo supported it as she was using her phone when stumbled upon the sign, so this made it more true.

She says that the staff has the best interests of the children in mind, and I didn’t feel any negativity towards them.

Some others were very upset and shocked.

This is ridiculous, one mom said. “Who are they to tell a child’s parent not to use the phone? It is none of their business.”

What do you think about this? Do you agree with the sign, or you are against it? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.