Woman Had Just Given Birth, A Few Seconds Later Husband Collapses

This couple tried to have a baby for three years in a row but when Kate finally got pregnant, she was bearing twins. Kate and David were the happiest people in the world until Kate had to go into labor.

Kate gave birth to two babies which they named Emily and Jamie, but unfortunately, Jamie had not survived even though the doctors tried for 20 minutes to bring him back to life.

The new parents just couldn’t accept it and took matters into their hands. They held little Jamie into their arms, refusing to let him go. Kate noticed how cold he was and wanted to warm him up. She says she felt guilty to let him go.

In that room, there were 20 people, all worried about what was going to happen. And we can say with all certainty that what happened next was a Miracle. While Kate was holding Jamie, he suddenly started to breathe and move his little head and arms.

Jamie opened his eyes and grabbed David’s finger. It was the happiest moment of their life. Everyone was happy and shocked at the same time. The doctors hurried to give their aid to Jamie and the little boy was brought back to life, after more than 20 minutes after being born.

Today Jamie is 7 years old and is a happy child, loved by all his family and friends. He and his sister found out about the Miracle when they were 5 years old. It was an emotional moment for all, especially for little Emily who started crying and hugged her brother.

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