A woman who has endured excruciating back pain since giving birth 14 years ago

A woman who has endured excruciating back pain since giving birth 14 years ago found that she has had a piece of an epidural needle lodged in her spine.

In 2003, Amy Bright, 41, underwent a c-section at a hospital in Jacksonville, Florida to give birth to Jacob, her sixth and youngest son.

Her acute back pain began only two months later and has had a crippling effect on her life ever since.

A CT scan last year found a 3 cm-long piece of needle buried in her spine, leading her to finally identify the source of her discomfort.

She expressed her shock, anger, and fear in response to the information.

When she received an epidural for the birth of Jacob more than ten years prior, the needle supposedly snapped off.

Amy’s left foot and leg are only partially functional as a result of the severe nerve damage she sustained.

“That needle moves inside my spine every time I move, walk, bend, twist, or sleep,” she claimed.

I’ve been causing scar tissue to form in my spine for 14 years as a result of this needle moving.

She has seen numerous doctors over the years, and they have all given her prescriptions for painkillers, muscle relaxants, and other drugs to help her deal with her discomfort.

“It feels like a poker next to my tailbone, like burning.” She explained to WRAL that it occasionally travels down the left side of her calf and into her foot.

“Next to my tailbone, it feels like heat and like a poker. There are times when it shoots down the left side of my calf and into my foot “Bright stated.

A damaged, three-centimeter epidural needle is visible in her spine thanks to a recent CT scan.

Bright and her lawyer, Sean Cronin, have brought a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that the needle caused irreversible nerve damage.

“Her medical records show that a failed spinal needle attempt occurred in September 2003 at Naval Hospital Jacksonville. Therefore, no one else inserted a needle in her back “Cronin claimed.

She is currently suing Florida’s Naval Hospital, the facility where she gave delivery, claiming staff members were aware the needle had broken off but did nothing to fix it, despite the fact that the harm could have been prevented.

No matter whether the needle is taken out right away, Amy may become permanently paralyzed, according to the doctor.

For the remainder of her life, she will need to manage the injury with painkillers and physical therapy.

It’s now to the stage where it simply burns nonstop. My future makes me terribly anxious. She said, “[My leg] is growing weaker.”

“I’ll probably be using a wheelchair.” I’m afraid because I’m not sure.

“I have no idea what the future holds.” I’m terrified and highly suspicious.