Alejandra, Richard Gere’s wife, shares new details about their private life

It can be said that Richard Gere had a pretty interesting love life. He was married to Cindy Crawford and Carey Lowell, and in 2015 he married Alejandra Silva who is 33 years younger than him but it seems that the two managed to create a beautiful and happy marriage.

Richard Gere is certainly one of the most famous actors in the world. He started acting in theaters in London and then on Broadway, but hit hard thanks to the film Looking for Mr. Goodbar with Diane Keaton. Also, after a few more roles, Richard got the title role in American Gigolo.

From this moment on, his career went only forward and he was more and more successful. After a while he received the role that consecrated him. He starred in the film Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts.

Richard said he did not intend to accept the role, but Julia Roberts convinced him. The two were talking about the movie in an office, and when the director came in to ask them what they had decided, Julia wrote Richard a “Please say yes” note. Richard thought it was a very nice gesture from Julia so he decided to accept the role.

Richard chose to have a career the way he wanted and wanted to “run” for a certain role or more fame. He lived his life as a Buddhist. He’s been interested in Tibetan Buddhism since he was young and has been devoted to the Dalai Lama. In 1993 he received the Best Art Director Award but decided not to talk about what he had already written on the paper, but chose to talk about China’s occupation of Tibet, and this infuriated producer Gil Cates.

However, Richard continued to live with his own beliefs even though he was actually banned for life from China by the Chinese authorities. This caused Richard some trouble because there were many movies he could not play because he was not accepted by China.

He also said that at one point he was banned from making public appearances, and some filmmakers told him that they could not offer him any role because China would not buy the film. After several such problems, Richard only starred in small and indie projects and managed to start a wonderful family with his wife, Alejandra Silva. He also has a son from his former marriage to Cindy Lowell.

Alejandra Silva was born in Madrid in 1983 and she is a publicist and activist. Her family and Richard’s family are friends so the two have always known each other, but they met again in 2014 in Positano. The two felt a real connection.

From that day on, they kept in touch and were interested in each other. They were both divorced then, but life’s problems united them even more. She said that Richard was more convinced of their relationship than she was, and he sent her flowers every day until she agreed to have a date with him. Alejandra also says that she feels that she is living a fairy tale with Richard and she is very happy. The two married in 2018 and now they live in New York City, and Alejandra converted to Buddhism.

In 2019, their first child was born, and after only 14 months, their second child was born. The two have a happy family despite the age difference and do not want to change anything.

Alejandra said in an interview with Richard that he promised her at least 20 wonderful years together and she is not bothered by the age difference, especially because Richard is much more active and energetic than she is and sometimes it is difficult for her to keep up with his lifestyle.