The pregnancy went normally, until, on an ultrasound, the woman was warned that she would have a baby with malformations!

Olesia, a young woman from Russia, was overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant.

The pregnancy went normally, until, on an ultrasound, the woman was warned that she would have a baby with malformations.

“Her hands do not develop and all internal organs are enlarged.” The parents could not bear the news, but never thought to give up.

The doctor’s words pierced their hearts like a knife: “Do you understand that this is a cross that you will have to carry all your life ?!

An invalid child! You will be pointed the finger! You will only work for medicine and you will pray that she will die sooner! ”

Olesia was crying and Eugen, the child’s father, was squeezing the corner of the table so hard that his fingers had turned white.

However, they had the strength and said, “Our child will be born!” Then the doctor handed them a sheet and said, “It’s your job. Write a statement stating that you know the results of the ultrasound so that there are no complaints in the future. “

The months to the birth passed, but not the worries of the mother who was thinking what her daughter would be like.

Meanwhile, Eugen was trying his best not to think about the doctor’s words, nor did he want to upset his wife. So he turned the bedroom into a children’s room. He made the crib on his own.

On a cold December night, Olesia’s water broke. Eugen took his wife to the hospital, then shook the snow off a bench, put on Olesia’s jacket, and sat down.

Three hours later, the delivery room filled with a loud scream. “You have a little girl!” And a warm ball was placed on Olesia’s chest.

And the little hands were whole. The doctor went out into the yard. There he saw Eugen.

“Sir, sir, you have a little girl! Congratulations! And she is absolutely healthy! ” Eugen sat and looked at the place where the doctor was. “Healthy” echoed in her ears.

Later, the ultrasound confirmed that Nadezhda was completely healthy. And Olesia was diagnosed with a huge uterine fibroid.

Apparently, the malformation they saw at the time of the ultrasound was this strong condition. Olesia was then operated on quickly.

Unfortunately, it was necessary to remove all female organs. Olesia stroked her sleeping daughter’s hair and wondered terribly what might happen if she was convinced by the doctor.

Here is a photo with little Nadejda: