At only 60 years old, the legendary actor is having difficulty moving around due to a crippling disease.

At the age of 24, Michael J. Fox made a reputation for himself playing Marty McFly in the movie Back to the Future, in which he went through time with scientist Emmett “Doc” Brown.

Unfortunately, even with a walking stick and the assistance of a friend, the actor is already having difficulty walking.

He’s 60 years old already. What caused this? For more than three decades, Michael J. Fox has lived with Parkinson’s disease.

Though his public appearances are becoming fewer and further between, he is not going to give up his social life.

He just ate dinner with a few pals in Santa Monica, which is located in California.

Cruel diagnosis at 29

The doctors gave him a grim prognosis at the early age of 29, telling him that he would only be able to move for the next ten years.

At the time, Michael J. Fox hesitated to publicly acknowledge that he had this nervous system disorder, and for a while he tried to incorporate it into the roles he played to generate empathy from viewers.

He founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation in 1998, a nonprofit organization that raises money towards the development of Parkinson’s disease therapies. He has since distanced himself from the entertainment sector.

However, he finally found his way back into the movie industry after working for a while as a voice actor. The Michael J. Fox Show, which was based on his own life and won him a Golden Globe nomination, was the first comedy series he appeared in.

And last, for his depiction of lawyer Louis Canning on “The Good Wife,” for which he received Emmy nominations in 2013, 2015, and 2016, consecutively.

On the other hand, he just declared—for the second time—that he would withdraw from public view.

Michael J. Fox claims that he is a happy person.

The actor continues to have cautious hope that a cure for his condition will be found within his lifetime, despite the fact that his charity, the Michael J. Fox Foundation, has already given $767 million to medical research in less than 20 years.

“When it comes to treatment, I communicate with people in an honest and open manner. When people ask me if I think there will be a treatment for Parkinson’s disease in my lifetime, I always respond by saying, “I’m 60 years old, and science is difficult.” So, no,’ “Fox admitted his guilt.

Despite this, he claims to be happy with himself: “My view on life is normally good. I don’t suffer either morbid thoughts or a fear of death. Not at all,” the well-known actor said.