Girlfriend Tells Boyfriend ‘Either The Dog Goes Or I Go’ – Man’s Reply Wins The Internet

If you’re a pet lover, you’ve probably had to choose between your human connections and your pet relationships at some point in your life. When your pet lover fully consumes your love and affection, your members of the family or boyfriend may become enraged. They may urge you to choose between your pet and them, and if you don’t play your cards well, you may lose your pet and your loved ones. However, some individuals believe it is inappropriate for their human friends to ask them to choose between them and their dogs. One lover who had been in a similar position decided to offer his girlfriend the finest reaction ever.

Girlfriend asks boyfriend, 'Either the dog goes, or I go' - Guy's answer wins the internet.

The owner of the Roanoke Virginia beagle decided to put up a humorous craigslist ad looking for a ‘willing home’ for his ‘purebred,’ and the funniest part was that the ad was to rehome the girlfriend, not the pet! He placed the following advertising in the website’s “community/pets” section:

“My girlfriend despises Molly, my beagle. So I’ll have to find her a new home,” he wrote. “I’ve owned her for four years, and she’s a purebred from an affluent region. She enjoys playing video games. Not completely prepared. She has long hair and is a little high maintenance, especially when it comes to her nails, but she enjoys getting them done.”

Girlfriend asks boyfriend, 'Either the dog goes, or I go' - Guy's answer wins the internet.

Molly’s father appears to be talking about her, but readers quickly realize that this isn’t the case.

“Yaps all night but sleeps when I work. He says, “Only eats the nicest, most costly stuff.” “Will NEVER meet you at the door after a long day or shower you with unconditional affection when you’re depressed. She doesn’t bite, but she’s a tyrant!”

It appears to be a dog that would be difficult to adjust to.

He inquires, “So… anybody interested in my 30-year-old, selfish, nasty, gold-digging girlfriend?” “Come grab her!” says the narrator. My dog and I are desperate for her to be rehomed as soon as possible!!”

Rehome, that’s a lovely way of expressing “dumped!” We’re still baffled as to how someone could ever think of asking it of another individual.

Girlfriend asks boyfriend, 'Either the dog goes, or I go' - Guy's answer wins the internet.

“It’s not appropriate for the dog to be the one to go. She’s not just a dog to you; she’s your child. You are nasty and disgusting for causing such trauma to the infant. “Girlfriends come and go, but babies last a lifetime,” said one commenter on Happiest. “If I give you six months with your fiancée, how do you think you’ll feel about giving up your kid then?” It reveals who in your life will wear the pants. You should think hard about continuing a relationship with someone so nasty if she can’t accept you and your baby.”

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