Kellie Pickler’s husband, Kyle Jacobs was discovered dead inside their Nashville home.

Our prayers are with Kellie Pickler, an American Idol alumna whose husband Kyle Jacobs passed away recently.

The Tennessee home that Jacobs and Pickler shared is where he allegedly committed suicide, according to the Nashville Police Department.

Jacobs allegedly shot himself in an upper room, according to news reports.

Pickler killed himself when he was inside the residence. She was sleeping at the time, according to the authorities.

Pickler woke up from her nap unable to find Jacobs, so she started looking for him. Jacobs was ultimately located, and when she was unable to unlock the room’s door, she called 911.

Jacobs passed away at the age of just 49.

In 2011, Pickler and Jacobs got hitched. Popular songwriter Jacobs has worked with a number of country music greats, including Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Darius Rucker, and Kelly Clarkson.

Pickler and Jacobs had no children together. This narrative is currently in the works.