Man Adopts Two Homeless Pitbulls And They Repay By Saving Him From Assault

Dogs will be man’s best friend and they always have proven that. People have different ways of getting their home pets, some from shelter homes, others buy them.

Other people have better ideas, rescuing abandoned and lonely animals on the streets. That is what Robert Mc Gowan did. He found two Pitbull’s in the street and they had a rough life.

They are the most common breed found in shelters as they are known to be aggressive. But Robert didn’t care about that and welcomed them into his home.

He adopted them and they found love. A night Robert was at his garage when four strangers attacked him. They wanted to steal his car and Robert said the keys were inside the house.

Robbers opened the door and two big Pitbulls ran out chasing them. All of them took off. This story teaches us how loyal and lovely dogs can be.

But it doesn’t say that you shouldn’t be careful and leave children alone with Pitbulls. There are many cases reported of Pitbull attacking owners and children.

So be careful! What do you think about that? Share your thoughts and knowledge in the comments on Facebook.