Pierce Brosnan’s Shocking Transformation Has Him Completely Unrecognizable

We all accept that Pierce Brosnan’s look is shocking and completely unrecognizable. The Die Another Day actor was spotted in a new look for the new film The Last Rifleman.

In this movie, he stars as an 89-year-old World War II Veteran Artie Crawford. He was walking the streets of Antrim, Northern Ireland, using a wooden cane. He also had various war medals on his suit, and the makeup was just too good.

He waved to his fans who gathered to get a glimpse of him in the Irish town that had been transformed into a French village for the set.

Without doubts, one of the most famous actors in Hollywood is Pierce Brosnan. He is known worldwide for his role as James Bond in the movie 007.

But in his real life, Piere is nothing like his role in the movie. He has been happily married for 27 years to his wife, Keely Shaye Smith.

Pierce was nominated as the Sexiest Man Alive many years ago. He has proven to everyone that real-life romance is much more beautiful than the ones in the movies.

Recently, the public has been talking about how Keely has gained weight. Pierce told everyone that they should stop telling Keely to lose weight or to have surgery to reduce her body weight, as he loves her and every single curve of her body.

To her, she is the most beautiful woman on earth. The couple has a healthy family with five children. Pierce and Keely are still deeply in love after 27 years of marriage.

In 1991, Pierce lost his first wife to terrible cancer disease. He did not believe he would ever find love again but it all changed when he met Keely in Mexico. It was 1995 and they met at a beach party.

Just a few days later they went on a date together and they just could not get enough of each other. They got married in 2001, in Ireland. Pierce said that Keely is his source of strength.

Keely has helped Pierce overcome the death of his daughter Charlotte. She passed away because of Ovarian Cancer. Keely was there for him providing him with emotional support.

The couple always finds time to spend with each other.

They are as in love as the first day they met. We hope more people get to experience this kind of romance in their lives.

Pierce decided to post on social media and declare his love for his wife on their anniversary. He wrote: Thank you for the love of these past 25 years.

He also shared his feelings about her on her 58th birthday when he wrote: My beautiful luscious love Keely on her 58th birthday.

Other celebrities shared birthday wishes with Keely. Rita Wilson wrote: ‘Happy Birthday sweet Keely!’ and Aaron Paul said, ‘Love you two so much!’

Other commenters weren’t too nice to her, as she has gained weight over time. They often fat-shame her, but Pierce always lets her know and the whole world how amazing she is and that he loves her as she is.

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