Prince Harry Explains Why His Sister Was Always A Secret

Not many people can go anywhere in the world and be recognized by somebody. The British Royal Family can certainly prove, however, that they are such people.

It sometimes seems like there’s new information all over the world about Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Queen Elizabeth III. They’re talked about quite often in the press, but how much do you actually know about their private affairs?

Did you know that Prince Harry and Prince William have a stepsister? It began in 1981 when their parents got married…scroll to end and find out more.

Someone Else

And although Prince Charles wasn’t the prince she had been dreaming of for her entire life, they still went through with their marriage and took all the steps before and after. He loved another woman, and she knew that. But who could it have been?

Called It Quits

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles met in 1971. They had been dating for quite some time but ended up breaking up and going their separate ways. They both married other people, but this was not the end of their journey together.

No Sulking

In 1995, Diana made it clear to the BBC, “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” It might not have been easy for Diana, but she would not have laid back and let it all get to her. Actually, she did the contrary.

Princess Of Wales

Diana has made full use of being the Princess of Wales. She was very active in charity organizations and became her generation’s pop culture icon. Basically everybody loved her, and she didn’t let anything drag her down.

Doting Mother

Even after her fame and busy life, Diana did not let anything get in the way of being William and Harry ‘s best and most devoted mother. She spent her time with her son and even sent them to school every morning.

Breaking Up

Diana and Charles agreed to go their own way and get a divorce in the 1990s, which was not the best choice for the Royal Family. Divorce was rare, and it was a serious matter that they were going through with it. That wasn’t all, though.

A Tragic Death

Diana was followed around the time of her and Charles ‘ divorce by the press and the media. Which ended up being Diana’s car crash in the Paris Pont de l’Alma tunnel on August 31, 1997. As a result, she died because of her internal injuries.

Everyone Heard

The tragic death of Princess Diana shocked and saddened everyone around the world. People from various places came to London to grieve together and pay their respects. There were so many people outside the palace that you could no longer see the ground.

Moving On

The outpouring of love and global concern for Princess Diana has been incredible and heart-warming. They conducted a public funeral for her and after that, the family had no choice but to try and reorganize their lives. But when they found out what Prince Charles did, they could not believe it. What is it that he did?

Getting Back Together

Prince Charles shocked the globe in 2005 by announcing that not only did he and Camilla start to stay in touch and settle their differences, but they also plan to get married. Prince Harry and William, whether they liked it or not, would soon have a new stepmom.

A New Start

To think that Camilla could ever try to replace Diana seemed apprehensive to everyone. Charles was elated, and William and Harry tried their best to support their father’s new relationship as much as they could. Camilla also tried to keep the family united.

No Wicked Stepmom

Harry made a big statement in 2005 claiming, “She’s not the wicked stepmother, William and I love her to bits.” The world was not happy with what was going on at the beginning of their relationship but eventually, she won everyone’s hearts around her. But she wasn’t the only new member of the family that they had.

Not Only Camilla

As Camilla joined the royal family, everyone was so focused on her that from her first marriage they didn’t even pay attention to the fact that she had two of her own children. One of her children made a major leap and decided to embrace the new found attention, whereas the other decided to remain anonymous.

Tom Parker Bowles

Camilla has a son named Tom Parker Bowles. He is a prominent writer and food critic and has published a lot of books in the past already. He had also been featured in Masterchef and Gordon Ramsay’s The F-Word. But what does his sister do?

Laura Lopes

The daughter of Camilla is named Laura Lopes. And throughout her life, she has done everything in her ability to escape from the public’s eye. She attends royal weddings and other major events, but she has her own reasons to stay out of the attention.

Laura and Tom were still kids when Prince Charles and Princess Diana got married. Everybody knows about Camilla’s history with Charles, which often makes things very difficult for her children. They were forced into situations they didn’t sign up for.

The Pap

It is not unusual for paparazzi to be sitting outside the Parker Bowles family home in their cars waiting for them to come out. They kept following their cars in the streets, not far from the tragic death of Diana. With reason, they hated this.

Tom once went on the record to say, “They’re bullies, half of these people, and they make you very angry. All I wanted to do was smack them in the face and beat the hell out of them. But you couldn’t do that.”

Avoiding Attention

Over the course of her life, Laura’s experiences led her not to want to be the center of attention as an adult anywhere. She tried to stay away, but would her ties with the royal family be messed with?

Won Them Over

She said proudly after Camilla and Charles were married that she owes everything to her family. Although she was badly affected by the paparazzi, and the tabloids tore her down and said terrible things about her, in the end, she won their hearts.

True Nature

It is not unheard of for people to raise their eyebrows and doubt the genuineness of relations between the royal family members. In fact, many people often bring up the questionable bond between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The Brothers

As always, reporters often try to find the best details about this family and the conflict within themselves. There were many signs that these feuds did not start between Meghan and Kate, but rather between Harry and William.

At Odds

It certainly appears that there is a lot of bad blood between William and Harry. The two brothers always had a strong bond, even though they faced several disagreements. What could have happened to spark this feud?

The Public Noticed

The big issue began when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to move out on their own rather than living close to the rest of the royal family. They were planning on leaving the family behind and becoming independent but William was clearly upset by this.

Kensington Palace

The couple moved their belongings into Kensington Palace right after they got married. They spent their first year here, so Meghan could acquire a thorough understanding of being a Royal from those who’d been around for even longer than she had.

Nottingham Cottage

Harry and Meghan were staying at Nottingham Cottage, where the Duke and Duchess of Kent and Princess Eugenie lived close by. Prince William and Kate live not so close to Harry and Meghan, but across the grounds.

Moving Out

The two wanted to move out of Nottingham Cottage to relocate their lives to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor after Harry and Meghan’s first child was due soon. It provided more room, as well as a feeling of being at home compared to where they lived at the time.

Renovating The Cottage

Big renovations began at Nottingham Cottage after they made the announcement that they wanted to move. When he was a bachelor, Prince Harry lived there, and it was quite small – it only had two bedrooms. Could there be another reason for thinking about moving, apart from needing more space?

Lingering Animosity

Although Harry and Meghan had been together for quite some time, they got married, and after that, they had a baby on the way. And though they were all families now, others still gave them a cold shoulder. Those in the family were worried about William’s relationship with Harry.

Time To Chat

In the end, the report came with a big clarification of why the brothers were so aggravated. William apparently had his own doubts as Harry and Meghan were about to get married. After he and Meghan met, he kept wanting to talk to Harry but Harry refused.


Even if it was evident that the couple was in love and they were ready to be married, William feared that Harry might soon move in with Meghan so he wanted to warn him not to rush into a life changing decision like this.


When he finally spoke to Harry, Prince William was trying to stay calm and composed, but Harry certainly did not see it in that light. “William told his brother they knew nothing about her background, her intentions, what she was really like,” a source said.

His Concerns

A Royal Court member announced, “He just wanted to stress that becoming part of the Royal Family is a massive undertaking, and the pressure and scrutiny are [sic] unrelenting. Was Meghan the right one?” Lots of people seemed to have deep concerns regarding Meghan.

Defending Her

Harry could not have been more at odds. William’s worry, in his eyes, was more about speaking out against Meghan, the lady he loved. She was still adjusting to being in the spotlight with so much attention on her all the time, and she had a very rough time. He had to stand up for her.

Her Own Family

No one is sure of the real and definitive facts as to why the royal family gave Meghan such a hard time about everything, but we bet no one expected to hear hurtful remarks from her own relatives! Her father and half-sister also spoke out.

Theories Abound

Few believed it would be tough for the royals to adjust to Meghan since she is half black, but there are other claims as well. Some believe the family’s reaction is based on the fact that she used to be in the Hollywood spotlight since she was an actress. They might have thought that she’s just doing this as an act.

Despite Everything

It was tough for Prince Harry and Meghan to cope with the family issues they faced, but they never allowed that to affect the way they presented themselves to the world. They always stood united together and let their love shine through. Regardless of the opinions of the family, Meghan is now a part of the royal family.

His Fault

Most people believe that Harry, in this case, is blinded by love and that he is mistaken. “He will brook no criticism of Meghan, and he is so sensitive he often sees criticism or negativity where there isn’t any.”

Protecting Her

Someone then said, “It’s my opinion that Harry feels he couldn’t protect his mother, so he’s going all out to protect his wife.” Diana was heavily targeted by the press, too, and it’s not a huge secret, so perhaps he felt he had to do everything he could to protect his wife from all that.

Another Reason

It seems obvious that the two young couples have a lot of criticism. To make matters worse, Harry was presumably not appointed as Youth Ambassador to the Commonwealth. The Queen decided to take Harry for the role rather than William.


Most of the citizens who are faithful and avid fans of the royal family claim that there is no conflict between members of the family, and that all this is something the press thought of. They have been questioned on one occasion if they ever had any disputes. A long and uncomfortable silence went by until William blurted out, “Oh yes.”


The four chuckled awkwardly and uncomfortably. Harry smiled at the next question, which asked whether the feud had yet to be resolved by the family. He said, “We don’t know.” He tried to play it off as an innocent joke, but the tension stayed evident.

The Duchesses

Negative emotions flare up as Kate and Meghan ‘s unusual and complicated friendship is thrown into a mixture of conflicts. After she and Harry finally got married, Meghan figured she ‘d find a friend in her new sister-in-law, but she wasn’t exactly right.

Tight Schedule

When Kate discovered that she was pregnant with her third child, Louis, she must have felt as if she had more to do than help Meghan adjust to royal family life. Meghan took it seriously, even though it wasn’t meant in that way.

No Noble Blood

A lot of people were asking if Kate and Meghan were genuinely getting along with each other, or if it was just for show. If there really was lingering resentment between them, what was the root of it? What else could have happened to make it so awkward between the two?

Meghan And Kate

It was Christmas Day 2017 when Meghan and Kate first made their appearance in public. Under the same conditions, the two women didn’t join the royal family; the two came from entirely different societies.

Privileged Background

Kate herself did not grow up as royalty, but her family was still quite affluent on their own. Kate was the daughter of the owners of a party supply company. She attended the University of St. Andrews, where she met William, her husband now.

Getting Married

The two decided to tie the knot in 2010 after many years of dating. She would formally be the Duchess of Cambridge a year after “The Wedding of the Century.” And in 2011, Meghan got married, as well.

First Marriage

No, she wasn’t married yet to a prince. She was still trying to strike gold in Hollywood in those days. The Los Angeles native exchanged vows with a Trevor Engelson actor-producer. Two years later, they would break up, about the same time that their career started.