Steve Martin Pretty Much Just Announced His Retirement and We Are Crushed

Steve Martin is a well-known actor who has won the hearts of many people. Recently, he is part of the Hulu series Only Murders In the Building. In this series, he plays alongside Martin Short and Selena Gomez.

The series is being developed on Hulu and so far has gained many followers who are satisfied with the work done. Actor Steve Martin talks about his career and dreams in an interview. But no one thought the answer he would give. According to him, he wants to break away from acting and devote time to his family and himself. This shocked his fans.

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They wanted to see Steve Martin again in that other movie. Leaving acting for a while was one of the plans that he had. Now he feels that he will not search for other films. Steve Martin is 77 years old and has been in the world of acting for years. He is one of the most popular actresses for the public.

Besides having a wonderful career, he has also won many awards by taking part in very successful films.
He started acting in 1968. During this period he has been one of the most talked about names in the world of acting.

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He is very talented and is now one of the most successful actresses. But apparently, he needs some rest. But according to him, this does not mean that he is retiring. He says that this whole experience has tired him and he wants some rest.

He wants to spend some time with his family and daughter. So he does not accept that he is retiring. However, it shows that you will not work as much as before.

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