Texas School Announced It Will Being Back Paddling For Misbehaving Kids

The latest news is spreading fast. A video has been spread in Florida were 2 teachers are mistreating their 6-year-old student. The school staff and the principal are being investigated for this issue.

The video shows the principal of the primary school and one of her employees, yelling and hitting the 6-year-old student after she scratched the screen of a computer at school.

According to sources, the principal hit the student 3 times because she damaged the school computer. The video was recorded and sent to the police. Nesan is shocked by this event and tells how it all happened.

She says the principal had informed her that her daughter had damaged one of the school computers. “I had to go to school to pay the fine for this damage.”

Her mother was shocked when she saw the principal beating her child and made a video to send her to the police. At first, she had gone to the principal’s office, where she and the school clerk were.

She feared that the police would not believe her if they told her about the violence against her child. So she decided to film this scene.

She wanted to keep her child but also the other children in this school. For this reason, he had taken out the phone and filmed the whole event.

This event should not have happened. According to the school manual, every student who damages school equipment is subject to disciplinary measures.

She can be expelled but can never be hit by teachers, clerks, or principals. No one has the right to humiliate others and deny their rights.

The girl’s mother feels very sad and tells the police the whole story. She can not accept a stranger hitting her child, because she had never done so.

“Her eyes were closed with hatred for the child.” The little girl is scared and terrified of this event. The case will continue until the director receives the punishment she deserves.