There is a “forgotten” step-sister for Harry and William. Here is all you need know about her.

The British Royal Family is enormous, that is for certain. It’s simple to overlook the fact that it includes people other than the late Queen Elizabeth, King Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, etc. In reality, there are a lot of prominent people that simply don’t get much attention.

Laura Lopes is one of them. She is William and Harry’s little-known step-sister, and rather than becoming famous through the Royal Family, she has pursued her own career.

Who is she then? How much is she currently involved in the events involving the Royal Family? What you need to know is right here!

A significant percentage of the globe has always been quite interested in the British Royal Family, and now that the Queen has passed away, everyone is talking about what is happening inside the Royal family.

But lately, they’ve been in the news for some tragic events.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle agreed to resign from the Royal Family in 2020, as many of you are aware. Then, their appearance on Oprah Winfrey shocked Buckingham Palace.

The discoveries made Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the Royal Family problematic, but in light of the Queen’s terrible departure, there is still some optimism that they may be able to work things out.

William and Harry’s stepsister

At Prince Philip’s burial, a preliminary attempt was made to repair bridges that had burnt. Harry, who had traveled from the United States, was there when the royal family said their final goodbyes to the prince.

The presence of roughly 30 family members in all demonstrates the size of the Royal Family.

Of course, there are many family members who have spent the most of their lives in the background. The aforementioned Laura Lopes, the step-sister of Princes William and Harry, is one such figure.

She hasn’t been seen in interviews waving from Buckingham Palace’s balcony or standing with the Queen, but it turns out that she has attended some of the most important events in recent times.

Additionally, once Charles ascends to the throne, she will undoubtedly have the chance to acquire the title of Duchess.

January 1st, 1978 saw the birth of Laura Lopes. Her father is Andrew Parker Bowles, and her mother is Camilla. How did she come to be a member of the Royal Family?

Laura Lopes, Camilla’s child

In 1973, Camilla wed British Army soldier Andrew Parker Bowles. After their 1995 divorce, Camilla married Charles ten years later.

Laura’s parents split when she was 17 years old. According to author Penny Junor, rumors stated that her father had several relationships throughout the marriage, some of which may have included Camilla’s close acquaintances.

The ensuing love affair between Camilla and Charles was similarly complicated and, to some, not all that romantic.

According to King Charles’ official biography, which Town & Country cited, their relationship had already begun by 1986. She learned that Charles was still married to Princess Diana at the time.

Diana confronted Camilla about the relationship in 1989 and asked her to back off.


In a video made public by The Telegraph, Diana is heard stating, “I know what’s going on between you and Charles and I just want you to know that,” according to Camilla’s recollection of the conversation.

“You have everything you ever wanted, Diana told me. What more do you want when all the guys in the world are drooling over you and you have two gorgeous children?”

“I so declared, “I want my husband. I apologize for getting in your way; I know it must be awful for both of you. But I am aware of the situation. Please don’t treat me like a fool,’ Camilla said.

William and Laura Lopes had a dispute

1995 saw the divorce of Camilla and Andrew, while the divorce of Charles and Diana took place the following year. Harry and William lost their cherished mother as a result of the Princess’ untimely loss in 1997, which shocked the whole globe.

Laura Lopes, Harry and William’s step-sister, was frequently present as they grew up. She is four years William’s senior and six years Harry’s junior.

Even though it appears like they weren’t the greatest of friends, they played together. The 2010 book Harry and William by royal reporter Katie Nicholl claims that William and Laura did not get along when they were younger.

William and Laura used to quarrel terribly over who was to blame for their failing families, according to Nicholl.

“William would accuse Camilla of all the wrongdoing she had done to his mother, which would infuriate Laura. Laura would have none of it. She would respond harshly to William by saying, “Your father has destroyed my life.”

Despite spending her formative years playing with her stepbrothers, Laura didn’t choose a life of royalty. She attended a Catholic girls boarding school in Dorset before going on to Oxford Brookes University to study marketing and art history.

Established her own art gallery

She worked as a motoring correspondent for the British society publication Tatler in the early 2000s. Later, Laura became an artist and worked as the director of London’s The Space Gallery. Then, in the English capital, she established Eleven, her own art gallery, in 2005.

Laura also has a brother, Tom, who is William and Harry’s stepbrother. The couple has avoided media attention and hardly ever participated in interviews. But Tom made the decision to talk about their modest profile in 2019.

“My mother wed a member of the Royal Family. She’s involved, he claimed. “We’re just regular kids. We’re only nearby.”

Laura married businessman Harry, who has also modeled for Calvin Klein, in 2006.

Laura Lopes, royal events

For her wedding, Laura chose a stunning Anna Valentine gown. Her mother’s gown for Charles’ wedding the year before was actually created by the same designer.

Harry and Laura’s wedding was attended by both William and Harry. Kate Middleton was also present, although she sat apart from the two princes because she was William’s “unofficial girlfriend” at the time.

Laura and her husband Harry had Eliza, their first child, in 2007. Gus and Louis, their twin boys, were born two years later. They are Meghan Markle’s, William’s, Harry’s, and Kate Middleton’s step-nieces.

One of the few times Laura really appears in public with the Royal Family appears to be during weddings. She had a significant role in William and Kate Middleton’s 2011 wedding because her youngest daughter Eliza served as a flower girl. Harry and Laura were present at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May 2018.

According to a high-ranking royal insider, Charles and his two sons met after Prince Philip’s burial. Angela Levin, a royal authority, claims that Charles won’t be siding with Harry at all.

The insider said that before becoming king, Charles intended to “ditch” Meghan and Harry from the Royal Family.

According to Levin on TalkRADIO, as reported by the Express, “Prince Charles has wanted to shrink the monarchy down for a very long time to save money and to make people be worth the money that they got from the public.”

“I suppose that may be the time when Harry and Meghan are dropped from the Royal family.”

Photos of Camilla

Even if we are aware of the Royal Family’s values, it appears that Camilla wants to keep her kids close to her at all costs. She has been shown in several interviews sitting in front of images of Laura and Tom, a gesture that can only be understood as love for her family.

What will happen in the future is unknown, but Laura Lopes is someone we look forward to seeing more of. Possibly through her work, if not the Royal Family.

Do you believe she would seek a regal title if Charles became king? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area.

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