A dad walked in on a man raping his 4-year-old daughter, and he flew into a rage and mercilessly beat the farmhand to death. After realizing what he did, he called 911 reporting what happened and asking for an ambulance.

Jesus Mora Flores discovered the deadly wrath of a father who saw his little daughter being raped in a rural town in Texas. He killed Flores with his bare hands.

The little girl was feeding the chickens when the rapist grabbed her. The little brother ran to tell his father and the dad ran toward them immediately.

He found Flores and his daughter without underwear. He began beating Flores mercilessly and inflicted several blows to his head and neck.

He didn’t stop until Flores lost consciousness. Later he called 911, despite his anger, and asked for an ambulance. This guy is going to die on me, he said while calling them.

He offered to drive Flores to the hospital in his own truck to help save his life. It was too late for him, he was found dead with his pants and underwear around his ankles.

He avoided any charges, having forensic evidence and witness accounts corroborated the story. The sheriff said that he would not press charges, because you have a right to defend your daughter.

The court said the same thing. It was a justified homicide and the jury didn’t press charges against the father.

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