We Need Our Grandparents More Than We Think, According To a Study.

Grandparents tend to have a special kind of love for their grandkids. No matter how much they love their kids, when it comes to the flesh of your flesh, people are more sensitive. And we need our grandparents in our life. This pandemic has taught us how much we cannot stay without them. Ever since the world’s countries have been on lockdown, most people haven’t had the chance to meet with their grandparents. And there are those that currently live with their grannies and granddaddies but they don’t really appreciate their presence.

A recent study done by Boston College shows that we need the presence of our grandparents in our life more than we think. There are several reasons why we need them and how we can benefit from staying with them. We might learn a lot and at the same time, they might learn a lot from us also.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to appreciate your grandparents more:

  1. They Can Teach You Life Lessons

No matter their previous profession or educational status, grandparents can teach us a lot of things about life. They can teach us about relationships and love, friendship and business, and so on. We just have to be there to ask them and get some gold advice, which we can actually follow.

  1. They Can Give Us Comfort

Whenever life gets hard, I would not be ashamed of running to my grandmother’s house and get comfort from her. I would gladly place my head on her lap and let her ease my pain as I am crying like a baby for my problems. It would all be too relieving.

  1. They Can Be The Mentor We Never Had

Our parents are still trying to figure life out themselves and even though they are older, their wisdom doesn’t compare to that of their parents. Grandparents have already lived most of their life and they can be the mentor that we need to guide us through struggles. No matter if we ask for a piece of advice or we want an extra opinion, grandparents can be the wisest people that will genuinely help us.

  1. They Truly Care

As I said, parents care about us, but it comes to a point where their care is more focused on themselves as they try to survive the last years of work before they get to meet their pension. Grandparents, on the other hand, have a special connection with us and they truly care about our feelings. In a decision that your parents might disagree with you, your grandparents might fully support you.