Young Man Walked 20 Miles To Work. You Will Not Believe What Happened Next

On his first day of work this twenty year old student from Alabama walked seven miles so he would be on time for his new job.

Jenny Lamey tells us this beautiful story of a company who sent someone to fix the car at 06.30 in the morning. There was a young boy still on probation with him.

The young Walter’s car had broke down the night before his first day of work but he continued to walk for twenty miles in the middle of the night. He says he did all this to show the company how dedicated he was.

Police officers found him on the street around 4 am questioning where he was headed. Once he told them they brought him to eat breakfast another officer then picked him up and dropped him off at his destination four miles away.

Walter was a Marine who had lost his home in Hurricane Katrina, and relocated to Alabama with his mother following the disaster. A GoFundMe account was set up to raise funds to help him buy a new car. Anything in life is possible.

The CEO of his company saw his story on Twitter, and wanted to help him. Luke Marklin donated his Ford himself personally.

When asked about the reaction to his journey, Carr told the outlet he “couldn’t believe it. I did not think that a 20-mile walk would mean anything to anybody. ” The only thing he wanted was to finish his job.

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