As Life Support Is Turned Off, Parents Bid Farewell To Newborn, Who Begins Breathing Immediately

The birth of children is undoubtedly an important period for all mothers. For some women this is a difficult period, for others it is easy. This mother had a tough time with her child on life support.

The parents are very happy with their children and are looking forward to taking him by their side. However, health care before and after pregnancy remains the most crucial thing for mother and baby. Parents make sure that the child does not miss anything.

They want to create a warm family environment for their children. Mothers feel very good as soon as they take their children in their arms. They breathe easily and feel calmer. But sometimes the period after pregnancy has its problems.

After the birth, this mother found out that her child had breathing problems. She had to stay with the child because he needed a ventilator. Lisa shared the condition of the child on Facebook. She writes that the baby is very sick. the doctors announced that these are unusual diseases for a baby.

The baby suffered a “hemorrhage in the left temporal lobe”. But at the same time, he suffered from non-ketotic hyperglycinemia. This is a scary situation not only for the baby but also for the mother.

Therefore, Lisa has to make a very important decision. She and her family would say goodbye to the baby who could not live anymore. To do this they had to accept the removal of the ventilator. But a miracle happened.

After the doctors removed the ventilator and thought that the child would not live anymore, the baby’s heartbeat returned to normal. No one would believe such a thing.

The baby’s mother says that the doctors did not give her much hope. Shortly before the doctors removed the ventilator, the baby was not breathing and was not reacting to external stimuli. It only took a few moments for the miracle to happen. She thanks God for this miracle.

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