Barron Trump’s recent photos with his mother, Melania, generate a lot of comments

Donald Trump and his family were in the spotlight during his four years at the White House, but the former president’s youngest son, Barron Trump, was not seen very often.

The boy was not allowed to speak publicly during his father’s presidency, so as to keep an air of mystery.

Donald and Melania Trump tried to keep Barron’s life as private as possible because they wanted their son to have a normal childhood, given the controversial life of his parents. There was a journalistic convention to respect Barron’s privacy, which is why not much is known about his life. Barron is now 15 years old.

Barron has 2 half-sisters and 2 half-brothers from Donald Trump’s previous marriages. Melania and Donald were married in 2006, and Barron was born in the same year. An interesting thing is that Barron was the first boy to live in the White House after more than 50 years.

Barron’s other siblings were quite involved in Donald’s campaigns and gave a lot of interviews and press conferences.

Barron’s childhood

Barron Trump was born in New York City on March 20, 2006 and grew up in Trump Tower, where he had a floor just for him. Melania said her son was passionate about airplanes and helicopters. She also made him breakfast and lunch, because they did not have a traditional nanny, although they had a luxurious lifestyle. The two parents tried to be as close as possible to their son and to offer him their time.

Melania said she allows Barron to use his imagination and is allowed to draw on the walls. Melania thought it was not a problem for her son to draw on the walls, because they can paint them very easily and they will look like new. If you always say “no” to the child, then what will happen to his imagination? Melania also made sure that Barron could spend time with his father, even though he had been traveling for quite some time.

Melania taught her son to speak Slovenian and encouraged him to dream up to the stars. She took him to more activities after school because Barron was a curious child who loved math and science.

Barron attended Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City, and after finishing school, he and Melania moved into the White House with Donald Trump, and Barron became the first boy to live in the White House since JFK Jr.

After moving to the White House, Barron went to St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland, but after Joe Biden was elected new president, Melania is looking for a new school in Florida. During Donald Trump’s presidency, Barroon was not seen very often by the public, he appeared more in travel photos with his parents.

Barron was also passionate about sports, especially football, but Donald was not too happy about the idea because he believes that football can be quite dangerous and does not want his son to be hurt.

Although he was not seen very often, Barron appeared at the annual White House Egg Roll, but did not attend his father’s last speech at Andrews Joint Base. However, Donald’s other children were present at the speech.

Quite recently, some pictures of Barron and Melania appeared in New York City, and people are surprised to see how much the former president’s son has grown up. Barron is only 15 years old, which means he will probably grow more and more. Donald Trump said in an interview that Barron is the tallest member of the family, being even taller than Eric Trump.